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Skunkboard and gdb, Tursi's work


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I just came here to post this. ;) I'm not "working" on it, though, that's all I'm doing. It did require some updates to the GDB stub though, so I guess it's fair that the old code was not 100%. (When I originally tested it, I just connected and did read/write some RAM, since I didn't have a C compiler installed. That worked fine. Stepping worked but was a bit messed up, so that works better now. I guess it's just a bit cleaner, but more importantly, there's now some documentation showing how to get started. ;)

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My goal was that this might be enough to stop people saying "oh, you can't debug on the Skunkboard" and "I wish there was a way to debug". ;) Now you can not only debug, but there's a step-by-step guide how. ;)


For what it's worth, the old stub should work, too, but it had some issues when you disconnected and GDB complained of unexpected responses every time you stepped, so I cleaned those up a bit.


The one thing I'm not sure of is how it will respond when the object processor has a real list up. In theory, it should keep servicing interrupts so should probably be okay, but I didn't try it.

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