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supercart v. ed assm


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It makes me wonder how long all these goodies will last. Being able to get so much NEW stuff 30 years after TI gave us all the middle finger is like winning cosmic the lottery.


To be fair to TI, there are a lot of after-market stuff which would not be possible without its rather permissive licensing actions. For instance, TI was willing to provide GROMs and ROMs for Extended BASIC, GROMs for Editor/Assembler, and a number of other titles to companies (or individuals, for that matter) to produce new devices, including the Super Space I and II which each contain an E/A GROM.


(BTW, something I found out via the SSII book, it does appear that the SSI can be upgraded to 32k by replacing the RAM chip and changing around some jumpers. Oh, and the battery is not a 2032, but a 2325, which is flatter and fatter.)



I happened to pick up my SSII from Ernie Pergrem when he sold off his personal collection. So, the only reason I'd be interested in scans of the new disks is because mine are (well taken care of thanks to Ernie) of originals but not bright and shiny new anymore. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist but, it's because I want to preserve and document anything possible for the TI. Whatever I run across I want to share with others and the better the quality the better info we have. Pet peeve is crappy document scans (heck crappy scans period). ;-)




Is it possible you have an image of Super Bug II (mentioned in the SSII manual) laying around?


I will give the disks a quick run through the scanner tonight. I like 600dpi TIFs which anyone can then down-sample into whatever format they desire. As well, I will be un-binding the manual and running it through one of my scanners, depending upon which will give better results -- I have a Fujitsu fi-series scanner which does one-pass duplex, but the lights tend to bleed through thin paper, so for those I run them through my HP OfficeJet 8500 which does two-pass duplex with the scanning light on one side only. Both turn out very nice when done properly.

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I have put up scans of the disks at ftp://nexus.polaris.net/pub/forager/TI-99 as the images were too large to put here (~22MB TIF, 600dpi color, LZW compression.) You can convert those to whatever format or quality you desire -- I have attached JPGs at ~630x630 85% quality. Also attached is a 400dpi OCR (fairly good) scan of the manual found in the FTP site with the larger images.

Super Space II Manual(400).pdf







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If anyone is into "Home Brew" and wants to make an 8K Super Cart or a 32K Super Cart of their own, or just what's to learn about them, these two Do-It-Yourself links have the best detailed instructions I''ve seen yet.


1) http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/supercart/supercart.html <------------ 8K Cartridge

2) http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/supercart/supercart_4bank.html <-- 4X8 or 32K Cartridge

this is my cartridge 4x8k

supercart 4 X 8k

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Label sure you already view but has been adapted to my cartridge with several changes. The final version of the cartridge will be labeled aluminum lettering and designs will be screen printed.

It will be similar to that of the triton s.e.b. as materials, but much more beautiful.

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Is it possible you have an image of Super Bug II (mentioned in the SSII manual) laying around?



Sorry for the delay in response to this. Been tied up with other things to spend much time on the forums lately.


Thanks for the scans or your brand new(old) SS-II stuff! I'll add them to my archive. :-)


I'm attaching what I think is, as close to, the original release of SBUG-II v2.0, including documentation.


Works with XB, EA, MiniMem, and SuperCart.



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