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How to email VectrexOverlays.com website?

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I'm interested in some of the reproduction overlays for the Vectrex from this site


Unfortunately although the site states "I'm happy to answer any questions you may have." there does not appear to be any valid link for an email address. I checked under Welcome, Purchase, and Vintage Videos and I simply cannot locate any way to ask him some questions.


Anyone know?

Is this the same as Vectrexmad's thread?

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Just thought I would post an update.


I ordered half a dozen overlays from this site since the guy was making homebrew overlays and I say he does a really good job. These overlays are pretty decent. You would never confuse them for originals but they are a very good remake. Some folks mentioned to be wary of remade overlays cuz sometimes they can be flimsy but this guy makes very sturdy overlays that stand up nicely in the Vectrex,


My only complaint is the YASI one is a bit dark but that's probably the choice of colors used by the original file so I certainly can't blame this guy for remaking what colors were originally chosen. The rest look fantastic.

Only other complaint is they need a little trimming but that's probably a good thing. I'd rather have overlays that need to be cut down slightly instead of overlays that are too small.


I highly recommend this guy if you need a hard-to-find overlay.

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