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London Gaming Con 4-5 May [Tournies, Retro, Parties,Cosplay]


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LONDON GAMING CON THIS 4-5 MAY - Big Tournaments, Retro, Cosplay, Parties, Exclusives from Publishers, Guests & More!


Returning this May 4-5, London Gaming Con is an 18+ gaming convention (with a good measure of anime and cosplay thrown in) of over a thousand people. You can signup now for London Gaming Con athttp://www.londongamingcon.com/register.php Pricing will be at a reduced £15 for two days or £8 for Saturday and £7 for Sunday if you register and pre-pay now.




Guests of honour shall be voice actor Mike Pollock (voice of Dr Eggman and many other gaming/anime titles), and brentalfloss (internet star, comedian and musician who adds lyrics to games). More guests are to come.




Confirmed Cash-Prize Tournaments (more to come): Halo, Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade, Blazblue Extend, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Smash/Brawl, Mario Kart Wii/7, Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band (on stage), Minecraft (on stage), Sonic 1 Blindfolded, Pro-Evo Soccer, Sonic 2 (Megadrive), Super Mario 3 (SNES), Mario Kart (SNES), Golden Axe (Megadrive), Slenderman (on stage). MORE TO COME!


Confirmed Activities (more to come): Play Latest Games Casually, Party till 1am, Extensive Retro Zone, Gamer Models, Let's Play Guest Showdown, Ragequit Gameshow, Cosplay Auction, Final Fantasy Concert, Game Dev talks, Super-Sonic-Sunday!, DDR Tournament, Cosplay Masquerade, Pub Quiz, Sunday Sonic Party, Bass Invaders Rave, Live-Bands, YGO/MtG/Vanguard TCG Tournaments, Buy VG Merchandise, Sonic Blindfolded, Karaoke, Top Gaming DJs, Top Net Celebs.


More tournaments to come as we confirm supporting game publishers for the event.

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