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RDI Halcyon...value?

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bojay1997, may I ask what materials you have that are specific to Thayer's Quest? I've recently played through the redubbed remake on 3DO, Kingdom: The Far Reaches, and its sequel Kingdom II: Shadoan (not released on 3DO, but I played the Mac OS version), and I'm curious about the game's history. Do you know if any animation work was done on the sequel before RDI's bankruptcy, or was it all done in the 1990s?


BTW, it's a pretty rare privilege that we have a sequel completing the story, given how things collapsed! The names have been changed, but the basic story has continuity.


(Fun games, but in both playthroughs my fiancée and I got totally stuck. In the first game it was our fault -- we overlooked something -- but in Kingdom II, it turned out to be a game-breaking glitch that only affected the easier difficulty, thankfully. Actually in both games, the easier settings ended up confusing us, and we would've been better off sticking with the higher difficulty!)

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On 2/27/2013 at 10:44 AM, bojay1997 said:


Sadly, there is no warehouse full of them waiting to be discovered. I actually own many of the physical assets of RDI that were sold to a former investor during the bankruptcy process. This includes boxes of scripts, original art, prototype laserdiscs and CEDs, 1" and 3/4" master tapes, audio reels, 35mm film prints, and all of the original corporate records, blueprints, purchase orders, etc...from RDI. A lot of what's hanging on the walls as Rick Dyer gives the reporter a tour of the RDI offices in the video, including the pencil sketches and the backgrounds the various artists are working on are in my collection.


I knew Dyer was FOS.  


When I met with him in the mid-90s (1994 to be exact) when he was making his "rounds" to game publishers trying to pitch a "new adventure game with state of the art animation".  When he popped in the VHS tape and started his pitch with me, I immediately blurted out "That's Thayers Quest isn't it?" and he said (gruffly no less) "no, it's not - its called Kingdom: The Far Reaches" and he was pitching a license deal for a Sega CD and Sony Playstation (early development days) version.  He wanted an obscene amount of money for a format (interactive video type games) that were on their way out.  When I inquired about the RDI Halcyon, he deflected and said he still had 250 Halcyon units in his possession.  When I asked about buying one or more, he said no.  

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