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A New twist on Pac Man?


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Mazes--- I can put any maze(s) you want.

What I mean is... with ZERO effort, the maze can be changed to any configuration.

With 2 limitations,

1--The side doors cannot be moved.

2--The Ghost HOME box cannot move.


Also, the same GRAPHICS must be used or at least the same CHAR values used. 96-123

Otherwise, Pacman will hit any wall and eat any dots. The ghost are also wall aware.


The only parameter I would need to know is the number of DOTS needed to clear the maze.


Maybe I'll take a look at MS. PacMan mazes? CHECK post #71 above. That is the tool I used to make my maze.


Thanks for playing. Oh, the game does speed up after ever level cleared.

It only have 90 Level and then it is at MAX speed!. But I have only gotten through 2+ myself! LOL.


Actually..My hi-score is under 100K.. I should test how Hi I can go before issues occur....



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I've converted the lines 220 to 690 for you. Extract the file below, place in DSK1, and then use MERGE DSK1.MAGE. Text file also included for copy and paste.




The code below is only a visual clue. Number of spaces is messed up.


220 FOR I=0 TO 5::READ T$::DISPLAY AT(1+I*4,1):T$;::NEXT I
300 DATA "abbbbbbbbbppbbbbbbbbbc	 f}}}}}}}}}ff}}}}}}}}}f	 f}ac}abbc}ff}abbc}ac}f	 f}de}dbbe}de}dbbe}de}f"
310 DATA "f}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}f	 f}ij}k}ibbppbbj}k}ij}f	 f}}}}f}}}}ff}}}}f}}}}f	 dbbc}nbbc}ff}abbm}abbe"
320 DATA " f}nbbe}de}dbbm}f		 f}f}}}}}}}}}}f}f		 bbbe}l}abbxxbbc}l}dbbb		 }}}f	 f}}}"
330 DATA "bbbc}k}dbbbbbbe}k}abbb		 f}f}}}}}}}}}}f}f		 f}f}abbbbbbc}f}f		 abbe}l}dbbppbbe}l}dbbc"
340 DATA "f}}}}}}}}}ff}}}}}}}}}f	 f}ic}ibbj}de}ibbj}aj}f	 f}}f}}}}}}}}}}}}}}f}}f	 nj}l}k}ibbppbbj}k}l}im"
350 DATA "f}}}}f}}}}ff}}}}f}}}}f	 f}ibbobbj}de}ibbobbj}f	 f}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}f	 dbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbe"



Sometimes99er.... How did you convert these?

I downloaded ver. 1.5 and saved to different formats, but don't see this output.

I could fit a few more mazes with this compression, but I don't see how to do it?



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The new option in Magellan is shown below. It will create a XB merge file with DATA lines containing the screen data. It asks you for a file location and name, then which XB line number to start at, and finally if the width is 28 or 32.




You get the data lines using the MERGE command (merging with your own program). If you placed the file NAME in DSK1, then use





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OK, Now I see. I looked at the output as text and it was a MESS. It is a DSK image.

Got it.


I'll give it another try tonight! Looking at the other Ms. Pacman mazes, I don't know if I can keep the side doors in the middle.

But I will try to make variations of all 4. For a 5 screen rotation.

Well, I should try to add the 2 I have already done, and see what may need to be tweaked etc. and how much space I have left!


Because I am more willing to make screen configuration files ( sub routines ) to handle the different screen colors.

I should just do a bit of reworking to handle ghost box and side door locations too.


Then the mazes could unque! I used OR's to do this on the OLD block mazes that I first created.

But, that would get way out of hand quickly. Hmmm. Can't think about it now, but I will tonight.


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OK, Now I see. I looked at the output as text and it was a MESS. It is a DSK image.

Got it.


Yep, sort of. I think it’s more correct to call it a TILFILES or FIAD file, instead of a DSK image.


Output as text would only allow certain character codes to go through the copy’n paste process. Output as a file to be merged allow the full range.



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The one thing I noticed is that the more ghosts are out in the game, the slower it gets. It would be cool to get some sort of timing management so it's always the same speed....


Yes, when ghosts are "HOME" I do not need to calculate directions or check for collisions etc.

Thus, it runs faster. I could leave all that stuff being calculated even when they are home....

I will think about it and what impact this may have on thing?


Working on adding additional mazes right now.

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OKAY... Here is version 2

It has 3 mazes that rotate.


The bad news... It is to large to compile! This I believe is do to DATA statements.

I have plenty of room in XB. Merge command worked great! I had never used it before :)


I was hoping for a good number of mazes, but It looks like maybe 2? XB wise, could be 4?

You can change the MAZ value from 1 to 2 or 3 to see the ne mazes without having to clear prior mazes.



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I will take a harder look at this tonight. Meanwhile, there are some things you can do to get some extra memory:

Take a look at my post 73 above. You can cut out the extra spaces in the maze data from 300 to 375 and and slightly modify the code that reads and displays that data.

In lines 100 to 130 you can combine the consecutive character definitions 97-100,101-104,105-108,109-112 into one string.

In the sound data in lines 800 to 840 you can eliminate the durations of 125 and 63 and set up two loops to play the sound, something like this:



(Check to be sure the extra loop doesn't cost more memory than you save)

Lines 1070 to 1140 - you can combine the character definitions.

Lines 5780 - 5880 - you can probably make a data statement with the foreground color, background color and sound, then:

FOR I=1 TO 6::READ F,B,FR::CALL COLOR(9,F,B,10,F,B,11,F,B,12,F,B)::CALL SOUND(125,FR,30)::NEXT I

I'm sure there is lots more memory to be saved - you just have to go through the program and find it.

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I agree I can still squeeze some space.

FOR I=1 TO 6::READ F,B,FR::CALL COLOR(9,F,B,10,F,B,11,F,B,12,F,B)::CALL SOUND(125,FR,30)::NEXT I

This is a good spot... Believe it or not, I was trying to use LESS data statements.

I actually have plenty of XB room.


When I compile, I see it reading the data elements and then seems like the entire program line by line.

I was thinking data is handled in a special way? So I was trying to avoid read data...


Also, in the compiler, I can a WAIT be added?

CALL SOUND(125,FR,30) This is for Delay only. Volume 30 I think I have a high Frequency ( that I cannot hear at least LOL)

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Also, in the compiler, I can a WAIT be added?



Most ideal for the compiler would be some sort of timing mechanism... When I write a game loop, I'd want each iteration to take the same amount of time.


My loop would look, ideally, like this:

	 get startTime
	 get endTime
	 usedTime = endTime-startTime
	 sleep(loopTime - usedTime)
	 goto start

Edited by unhuman
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I did a bunch of the suggested space saving steps. Where I could.


I now have 1539 bytes prior to running and 867 bytes after running.


Yet, It is still to large to load????


I will keep looking to squeeze, but It seems unlikely I will get this to work.


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If you didn't think the game was hard enough....

I added a new feature.... This start after you clear all 3 mazes once.

But this version starts you right out at the 4th maze, so you can "see" it!


I have to clear the mirror side first to have a shot at clearing a board!


Looking into ghost number 4... The green one, He seems to JUMP... right out of the maze sometimes!

With that fix, this will go back to MAZE 1... you will wave to get back to maze 1--Level 4 to get this new feature!




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Here you go.... The Final version unless some major bug is found.


The specs:

3 mazes that rotate.

After once through the mazes, they become hidden walls in mirror mode and when you are powered up after eating a power pellet.

In mirror mode, the left/right control is reversed. But you can use I,J,K,M and the control is normal on both sides of the screen.

Each screen clearing increases speed 1 notch. 90 levels before speed is maxed out.


I don't know what else to say. This was intended to be a simple demo/proof of concept to spur other to take this on.


But thanks to the help and feedback, I pushed this to this point.


Thank you all. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, source code... I am thinking about it. With all the code shrinking I have done over the past week, it is very ugly.

I wrote it and have a hard time following the logic now. I would use some of the older posts to get ideas from.


Be well,



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Not sure if this is a bug as such but can I ask if you've tried this on real hardware or only on Classic99? The reason I ask is because the controls don't work properly using MESS but are fine in Classic99.


I also think it would be better if the player could use the side entrances as a means of escape when being chased, ie as well as going into mirror mode let the pacman physically pass through and come out the other side.

Edited by OX.
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Hi OX, I have not tried it on a real TI, I do have a CF7 or whatever it is called, but since I moved 2+ years ago, I do not have any carts... XB included :(

I miss my moon patrol the most!!!! Anyone want to sell me an XB cheap! and of course Moon Patrol.. Actually, a MP rom would be good too!


As for the tunnels... Hmmm, maybe using the J-K keys will do a normal tunnel passage??? This goes away from my "vision" of the game....

But, I can have 2 versions! I don't know how much space I have to make this change...But, I'll give it a look.

Not certain I'll have enough space.... Actually, started a SPACE Game today.. only a concept and 2 mockup screens right now.

But, I am still putting the game play together in my head.. So, I'll look at pacman tonight.


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