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Tripper - a new audio/video extravaganza!


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Can 3 minutes and 34 seconds of audio and 23 320x240x256 colour pictures be compressed into a 4MB ROM? After a couple of days of fiddling around, the answer is "yes"!


We were really deeply touched that a song has been written specifically about the Atari Jaguar (by Tripper Getem here), so we figured that the best we could do was to put it in a ROM and juxtapose some pictures to depict the song's lyrics. We used the ADPCM CODEC for the audio, and we think it's a good compromise for compression vs quality.


But wait, it gets better! Not only we want to share the resulting ROM with you (attached in this post), we also went ahead and released the source code for it, so everyone can make a ROM with the song of their liking and pictures of their own!


So feel free to grab the ROM and enjoy this unique piece of music!


(P.S. the timings are spot-on on real machines. For emulators YMMV!)

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Since ggn said, "Patches welcome!", I decided to package it up for Virtual Jagaur.


Dammit ggn, I must now fix VJ so that this ROM works properly! :D


It has to be mentioned before I completely forget it: Shamus actually did more than his fair share during the making of this production: The version of rmac used to assemble the code (which is bundled in the source zip mentioned above) takes some milliseconds instead of 5-6 seconds for older versions. Which of course means a speedup of roughly 1000, which means that the "assemble/link/merge univ. header/pad to rom size/run in vj/crash/edit/source/take it from the top" time went down dramatically.


My hat is off, good sir (although I did actually point at the code snippet to change in the source :P)! I can't stress enough that anyone that wants to mess around with Jaguar assembly (even though I haven't the slightest idea why :P) should check rmac and rln - they're getting better all the time :).

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forgot to say..I've been to those two superpotato stores if they're the ones in Den-den town and in Akihabara.


I actually traded in all the CDs that come with the Jag Cd unit as I had them as duplicates after buying a second CD unit after I failed to repair the first one.


Anyway I got a little money off a load of stuff... a Japanese Saturn and several Super Famicom 'cassettes'.


The idea of trade was a little lost in translation to start with but they finally understood my intentions!


That was 2009..I wonder if the store in Den-Den town still has the Myst Demo etc. I don't know how big the Jag was in Japan!

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I was just wondering if anybody else had any problems putting Tripper on a cart. I had two different people try it and it only had the sound and no video. I put it on my Skunk Board 3 and it worked perfectly. I noticed the source code is gone also.

Any kind of info on this would be appreciated. Or if you can do it PM me. I think it's pretty cool.

Thanks in advance.

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I can verify this same problem with HI/LO split on a 2 chip pcb. I've been trying to get this on cart for a year without luck.

having trouble making cartridges of other peoples work to sell are we??


this is a good thing you know!




if you did more reading rather than burning EPROMs you may know the answer by now

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I'm helping to run a retro gaming area at a videogame / anime convention this coming weekend. 20, 000 or so people will be through the convention doors, maybe 10 to 20% come through our area.

I'd love to have this running on a loop on the Jag via my Skunkboard...people would be so confused, haha.

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