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Nightmare at Sunshine Bowl-O-Rama


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I was just playing around with this hack on z26, and thinking that it's pretty good as is and would be great with a few minor improvements:


1. The Jr. Pac-Man logo and Jr. Pac-Man "extra lives" graphics during gameplay need to be changed to match the theme.

2. A title screen with a "Bowl-O-Rama" logo would be really nice.

3. The "pin monsters" seem to move really fast to me, faster than the monsters in Jr. Pac-Man do on a real 2600. They should be slowed down a little.

4. More "fruit target" prizes need to be made. Cans of beer, pretzels (yeah ironic I know) and hot dogs - good bowling alley food. :D

5. The bowling ball seems to get distorted moving along the left side of the maze. Maybe one of the programmers (Thomas?) knows a way around that.


This is one hack I think would be pretty sweet if brought to full fruition. :D

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