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Galaga (New Ship & More)


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Here is a hack of Galaga to make the player's ship a little more like the arcade; or rather an alternate interpretation. While I was at it, I changed some of the colors and tweaked a few other sprites as well.


List of changes:

  • New player ship sprite & colors
  • Player & enemy missiles now like the arcade in both shape and colors
  • Tractor beam curved a bit and color tweaked
  • Score font like arcade, but other fonts left alone
  • Various color tweaks, such as title screen logo

post-9364-0-29432500-1363656699_thumb.png post-9364-0-79480300-1363656708_thumb.png

Galaga (Ship Edit).a78

Galaga (Ship Edit).bin



Here's a 300dpi color label:


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:( cannot download any roms

Should be fixed now. The bin file should have been okay before. Now they both should be okay.


what software are you using for the hacks?

Hex Workshop. But that's because it's what I'm used to and because I often do things the hard way. There are other/better ways.


Great! Thank you! :)

You're welcome.

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You can order any custom/homebrew cart you want right here at AtariAge.com...


Simply submit 3 items:


* Cart Art (the label - if you don't have it just request the original stock Galaga label)

* Binary file (in this thread)

* 30 bux cash, this may include tax and/or shipping.


Go here:



But, you may want to wait...there are rumblings that further Galaga developments are about to happen.




Disclaimer - As of this moment in time, I have no affiliation with AtariAge or its employees.

I have nothing to gain from this alleged advertisement.


P.S. - SR87, can you please return your avatar to that girl with the 2600 joystick? I liked the joystick.

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I have about 7 games in my Q right now and GALAGA FF (fast fire) is a concept on the list. The algorithm is not simple for changing the firing. I doubt I'd get to it this summer. Another programmer is talking about revamping the GALAGA as well. But they're busy right now as well. That means it will probably be months before you see anything. The other thing is, a lot of energy is being expended on XM and that may be where the new GALAGA shows up. If you haven't ordered a XM yet you still can as Curt will fill all orders he can. XM Price: $150.00 (That may sound high, but he can raise it at any time by adding features, etc).


P.S. - What's your first favorite arcade game? Must be PACMAN of some variety? Or, please say MILLIPEDE, so we can get that ported to the 7800.

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Preparing for future developments on GALAGA, I found that the end of $D000 and all of $E000 and most of $F000 can be zeroed out (with FF's or 00's if you want to change it) so we pick up almost 8K of space. Here's the binary which is identical to the 1986 GALAGA, with the appropriate bytes blanked.



I also found some glaring errors with my disassembly, so I scrubbed that and here is the newest rev:



With that, we're ready to work on newer revs of the game.



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I found a fair amount of free space in Donkey Kong were there was code that wasn't used. It looked like copies of other active code that was in the game. I wonder if it was done on purpose, or was just incidental. Maybe a result of how the games were assembled.

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