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Final Fantasy (NES) Hacks?


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Thanks, that was actually for Dragon Warrior, but that looks pretty good also. :) I found the Final Fantasy hacks on the site, though, and downloaded some to try later. If anyone has any suggestions on what the best one may be, please chime in, thanks.


Yeah, sorry about that. I updated my post for the Final Fantasy version of that hack.


Dragoon X Omega II



A full scale hack of Final Fantasy, nothing remains but the core programming routines. It features all new graphics, music, levels, enemies, text, statistics and more. Think of it as a “Total Conversion” for the NES.

After numerous releases, the hack has come to a state I consider final: All known bugs have been fixed and the gameplay has been polished to the best of my abilities. SRAM files from any versions other than 1.30 or Final will *not* work properly with this release. Sorry, too much has changed.

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I know this isn't a hack of an official Final Fantasy game, it's a Chinese bootleg. But I think it's fitting and worth posting. So here's the Final Fantasy VII NES English Translation Project ROM (actually a whole pack of various versions of it - including an NES2GBA Demo...an oddity for sure lol). This game has its fair share of haters. But I love it, and would buy a cart of the Final English translation in a heartbeat!


Final Fantasy VII NES ROM Pack:






I hate it when I don't notice that a thread is old, and I bump it! Oh well. Might as well leave the ROM pack up. The damage is done lol.

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