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I was thinking of running a "score challenge"


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I don't want to step on anyone's toes and I know that some at AA had a Genesis HSC going for awhile, plus I don't know if I could commit to running a HSC regularly myself but...


WIth a lot of the HSCs on intermission (well 2600 is doing their tourney right now), I'm looking for a game to play. Any of you guys be interested in getting together and competing in at least one game? I was figuring standard HSC rules with a 2 week entry period. Winner gets a pat on the back?


What game should we play? I'd favor Thunder Force 3. I'm pretty bad at that game though so don't expect much of a challenge from me.

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Yeah...I thought I'd get a few more posts by throwing this up in the Genesis forum but maybe AA just isn't the place for Sega lol. I might prepare a short (5 game) season anyway and throw it up on the HSC board. If I get a few players I'd be inclined to continue it.


I'll take a look at what games you guys played and try to pick other choices.

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