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TG-16 High Score Contest Skweek

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Once upon a time, on a very distant planet, lived the people of Skweek, quietly and contentedly. But one day their enemy, the evil Pitark, attacked with his many hordes, leaving the Skweek defensless. Many years later Pitark died and the Skweek decided the time had finally come to decontaminate the 99 continents of Skweekland, thus reverting themselves to their original color of pink. It is Skweek who now has to accomplish this difficult and dangerous mission. If Skweek can succeed in painting all of the continents pink, then Skweekland will once again become a free and prosperous planet. So help him out, he needs you!





Default Settings


No Continues or password use


Contest ends May 1st midnight (PST)


Rom: Skweek_(J).zip


Edit:" looking for a manual..hard to find....look at the LYNX HTML manual for game play instructions for now



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I was stopped by magic!


I'm searching for an emulator and as NIKON suggested magicengine is the best available.

Here I have some problems, I hope I can solve.

1) I'd love to use an emulator for Linux so I didn't have to emulate Windows or try a Windows machine. Until now I didn't find any one.

2)If all other emulators are bad as the one I tested HUDX.EXE then I would have to spend $20 to play magic engine...


Oh, well. I'm going to search and try a little more...



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I discovered a good emulator!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It is called Mednafen. It emulates many systems. Actually I had it but never used because I had a better emulator for NES, GBA and other systems it emulates.


I'm really new to the TG16 so I can't say it's a good emulator. Let's see it throught the rounds. :)



P.S.: I'm looking at Mednafen site and there's an Windows version too.

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Our next game will be..


Parodius Da!!!


This is a parody of Gradius...those of you who have played Gradius will grasp this game easily...it is a cartoony nonsensical game.. but don't let the graphics fool you..this is every bit as challenging as gradius..


here is a You Tube video of part of the first stage





I wil include the rom and a text file explaining the details of the game...since this is a japanese only release..the onscreen text will be unreadable (unless you read japanese)


Rom: Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai he (J).zip



Text File: Parodius Da text.txt


DO NOT POST ANY SCORE UNTIL MAY 2nd..any scores posted before then will be ignored.


Details on settings and rules will be posted on May 1st


Good Luck and have fun




Edited by NIKON
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