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Sega CD fighter games!


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Fighters can be a broad sense of the word: :grin:


Yep. Are we talking about one on one street fighter style fighters; the games which typically are called Fighters?


Are we talking about Brawlers? Scrolling games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage?


Or are we talking about any game with a fighting theme? That casts the net pretty broad.


I forgot completely about Brutal: Above the Claw. As I recall, it was a fairly heavily advertised in game mags for such a minor title. The bargain bins were absolutely overflowing with that one for years.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a Dragon's Lair style game. The only way it's a fighter is if we're just talking about broad themes. I'd say the same goes for Prize Fighter, which is like a hybrid of Dragon's Lair and Punch Out.


Bouncers is... I don't know what the hell to call that.

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