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Arcade/MAME HSC Season 5.15: Super Basketball...DOUBLE POINTS ROUND

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Compete against different computer-controlled teams such as Junior High School, High School, College, University, etc. After you beat a team you will move on to the next until you compete against the ultimate team. The computer team will start out with a certain score. You, playing offense, must score enough points in a certain amount of time to beat the computer team in order to move on to the next group of opponents.





Game Information:


Game Name: Super Basketball

Manufactured By: Konami/1984

ROMset: sbasketb.zip

Dipswitches: Game time: 60 seconds. Starting Score: 70-78 Difficulty: Easy

Chosen By: Deteacher

ROM Location: http://www.romnation...-version-G.html


Points earned for the leaderboard are doubled this week. Here's your chance to really shoot up the leaderboard this week.


BONUS TIME: FREETHROW BONUS CONTEST: After beating the 2nd team (and the 4th, 6th, etc.) you will play a bonus game where you try to sink as many freethrows as you can before time expires. Post the number of freethrows sunk in the bonus round (not the number of points awarded.) The top 5 will score bonus points. Must provide screenshot of the end of bonus in order for score to count. You may pause your game in order to take the screenshot.


1st. place: +5 bonus points: Patbb, with 65 freethrows.

2nd place: +4 bonus points: Cynicaster with 59 freethrows.

3rd place: +3 bonus points: Darrin9999 with 56 freethrows.

4th place: +2 bonus points: kane with 54 freethrows.

5th place: +1 bonus point: Deteacher with 51 freethrows.


Contest ends on Saturday, April 20th at 11:59 p.m. (EST)


High Score Table:


1. 650,880 patbb [+35]

2. 544,720 Deteacher [+29]

3. 485,820 Cynicaster [+30]

4. 417,990 kane [+28]

5. 313,950 bigbee99 [+22]

6. 310,200 darrin9999 [+23]

7. 185,080 asponge [+18]

8. 173,130 roadrunner [+16]

9. 104,830 Fallout_002 [+14]

10. 89,230 NIKON [+12]

11. 67,970 darthkur [+10]

12. 28,480 jblenkle [+8]


Points Leaderboard:


1. patbb [186]

2. kane [172]

3. M.A.M.E. Offender [158]

4. bigbee99 [156]

5. Deteacher [143]

6. Cynicaster [126]

7. Fallout_002 [95]

8. darthkur [89]

9. JohnnyBlaze [79]

10. NIKON [77]

11. asponge [73]

12. hepcat [65]

13. Mangia-Boy [63]

14. kloverz178 [62]

15. onmode-ky [51]

16. roadrunner [36]

17. Classicgamer_277330 [34]

18. Jblenkle [26]

19. darrin9999 [23]

20. mr. toast [20]

21. BillyHW [18]

22. Homerwannabe [18]

23. S.BAZ [15]

24. Vocelli [14]

25. racerx [13]

26. MisterVCS [10]

27. Beaver On The Wood [9]

28. Wispfollower [8]

29. Mingy Jongo [5]

30. Liduario [3]

31. Wolfman24 [3]

32. retrorussell [1]

Edited by Deteacher
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Game on, folks! The tricky part to start off with is getting your dribble, pass and shoot buttons straight. Once you get that down, you're good to go. It seems like each player on your team has his own strengths and weaknesses. One may run faster than others, one may jump higher, one may pass faster, etc. Scoring baskets adds time to the clock. Blocked shots, blocked passes, etc. deduct time, so watch the clock. I was never much into sporting games, but I've always loved this one. Hopefully you all will, too! :)

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304,180 + 49 free throws.


It's a pretty quirky game this one, I've played it before but only on much harder settings. The charging calls can be bullshit though, the refs going to have a talking to in the parking lot after the game...


post-27306-0-03968700-1366011868_thumb.png post-27306-0-52975200-1366011869_thumb.png

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Whats the trick to making the free throws in the game? and the bonus free throw shooting? I`m new to the M.A.M.E scene! I just got my M.A.M.E cabinet a short while ago.


For the bonus, hit the throw button as fast as possible, don't worry about the position of the moving rectangle.


For the penality shot, you have to time your shot.


Hold down the button when the moving rectangle just passes the rim, release it when the rectancle is just above the rim. You have to be between 40 and 50 degrees to get it. Of course you will get 1 point for each successful try but you will also have 3 extra seconds and if you get it at 45 degrees you will receive 5 extra seconds.


Note: The speed of the moving rectangle is increasing at every level. So you have to adjust yourself.


I hope the image below will help you.





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Alright, new high score 171,730


INP file below


3 freethrows for the bonus challenge


Thanks for sharing your INP.

For the bonus challenge, you should hit the throw button as fast as possible.

You should get at lease 30 this way.

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I errased my INP by mistake :(


I just notice that, in some cases (maybe starting at the UNI level), when you make a pass, the player that received the pass move a lot faster.


If I beat my score, I will make a video of my game.

I have an INP of my 564K game, if somebody would like to see it please let me know.


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Thanks for sharing your INP.

For the bonus challenge, you should hit the throw button as fast as possible.

You should get at lease 30 this way.



Thanks for the tip. :)

The INP i posted, i was doing good until i played the 3rd team.

Alot of my passes were blocked, but i almost made 2 or 3 baskets.

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Not a bad game I guess, but I think it's just as much (if not more) a puzzle game than it is a basketball game.


I find the fouls and the passing pretty frustrating. I can't count the number of times I've had a certain guy wide open in a sweet spot, I hit the pass button, and the stupid thing tries to pass to a different guy that has an opponent right in the way, so I lose the ball. I realize it passes to the guy that is glowing, but I'm having a hard time getting used to that.

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