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The Wall v 2.0 - Tetris using ICE CIN mode

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Glad you liked what I did. :)


The whole point of this is, I have been working with these character-based Graphics modes for some time, and of course Bill Kendrick put me on to this game you had done, and I was wanting to experiment to see what it would look like using the CIN mode. Plus it was a bit of a learning experience for me in regards to assembly.

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May I add that the music (written by Richard Munns according to the Plastron title screen) is awesome! When I first heard it I left the demo running for a long time and let the music loop repeatedly as I grooved to it. I thought it would serve as the perfect background to my game and I'm sorry if not everyone agrees.


I agree the music is wonderful Richard did a splendid job with it, we were very pleased with all aspects of Plastron despite it's poor retail performance - and my intention was/is in no way to take anything away from your game, it's very nice.


I'd just prefer to be asked if the material could be used, before it is..



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About 1994, an Atari programmer named Itay Chamiel did a Tetris game called The Wall. It used the ColorView mode in Antic 4 to make a Tetris game that uses 64 colors. This was a triple-interlace swim mode inspired by the ColrView program by Jeff Potter.


Fast forward about 20 years, and I came across this game. Itay was kind enough to let me have a look at the source code, and I modified the game to work in the ICE CIN mode.


Unlike other uses of the ICE CIN mode, in this game the mode changes (between Antic 4 and Graphics 11) happen on the scanline. The actual game itself runs inside a DLI. This is the low-res version of CIN, so you get about 60 colors to choose from when designing characters in this mode. You have to use Graphics 11 on top of an Antic 4 screen so only 14 of the 16 chromas can be used. The blocks and font in this game were modified using the ICE CIN font editor.


Here's the game. It will work in either PAL or NTSC, although NTSC atari's will produce a better result.


Thanks again to Itay for letting me play around with this, :)


attachicon.gifthe wall - tetris.pngattachicon.gifwall2.xex

Good to hear from you again! I use the Video "Frame Blending" on Altirra to get rid of the screen flickering which was driving me crazy. After that, the game plays quite well. Thanks for letting me know about this Tetris version. I added to my library.

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