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Nintendo NES - Video but no audio

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My NES produces perfect video but no audio. All I get is a static hiss, and a pop when it turns on. I've tried jumping from CPU pin 1 and 2 to an RCA cable and it's the same, as if the system itself isn't producing an audio signal.


I have everything hooked up correctly, and have tried various cables and devices (Stereo, TV) with the same result.


Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe that I've figured this out. Despite my 72-pin connector looking like it's brand new, the issue is related to it. I was loading up various games and Donkey Kong Classics fired right up with full sound. After putting another game in and out about 10 times, sure enough it fired up with sound too.


I'll report back when my replacement connector arrives to verify this.

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