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Arcade/MAME HSC Season 5.18: Choplifter

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Fly a helicopter on missions to rescue P.O.W.s. Four different levels featuring desert, sea, caves and city rescue. Avoid and shoot enemy jets, ships, tanks anti-aircraft fire. Digitized speech and catchy background music. Basic idea is to fly your helicopter to each 'prison' and shoot the door off. Be careful not to shoot any of the POWs as they escape, land then pick up the prisoners and return back to base, you get additional fuel for each prisoner returned you carry a maximum of 8 at a time. Idea is to rescue more than 20 prisoners per level, if you get shot down and lose too many the level restarts. Bit Bonus points for rescuing maximum number of prisoners 24. Spending too much time of the ground alerts tanks, or flying saucers on later levels to your location they appear at the bottom of the screen and start to shell you. Also be careful of rotor blades and landing on/shooting POWs. Great digitized music, and speech. POW's shout 'don't leave' if you fly off without them. Or scream when they're killed. The screen features some really nice parallax scrolling, especially on the first level, and lots of color.




Game Information:


Game name: Choplifter

Released by: Sega/1985

ROMset: chplft.zip

Dipswitches: default

Chosen by: M.A.M.E. Offender

ROM location: http://www.romnation...Choplifter.html


Contest ends on Saturday, May 11th at 11:59 p.m. (EST)


High Scores:


1. 284,700 M.A.M.E. Offender [+15]

2. 207,400 kane [+14]

3. 201,200 Patbb [+13]

4. 132,750 Darrin9999 [+12]

5. 106,750 Fallout_002 [+11]

6. 87,500 bigbee99 [+10]

7. 46,800 Cynicaster [+9]

8. 24,550 LarcenTyler [+8]

9. 20,500 asponge [+7]

10. 16,600 S. BAZ [+6]

11. 11,750 darthkur [+5]

12. 10,900 roadrunner [+4]

13. 10,900 Hepcat [+4]

14. 10,600 BillyHW [+2]

15. 7,800 NIKON [+1]

16. 7,100 jblenkle [+1]


Points Leaderboard:


1. patbb [245]

2. kane [219]

3. Deteacher [196]

4. bigbee99 [187]

5. Cynicaster [176]

6. M.A.M.E. Offender [170]

7. Fallout_002 [117]

8. darthkur [121]

9. asponge [95]

10. hepcat [92]

11. NIKON [90]

12. JohnnyBlaze [79]

13. Mangia-Boy [73]

14. darrin9999 [69]

15. kloverz178 [62]

16. roadrunner [57]

17. onmode-ky [51]

18. Jblenkle [41]

19. Classicgamer_277330 [35]

20. Vocelli [21]

21. S.BAZ [21]

22. mr. toast [20]

23. BillyHW [18]

24. Homerwannabe [18]

25. racerx [13]

26. NE146 [11]

27. MisterVCS [10]

28. Beaver On The Wood [9]

29. Wispfollower [8]

30. Mingy Jongo [5]

31. Liduario [5]

32. LarcenTyler [4]

33. Wolfman24 [3]

34. retrorussell [1]

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Everything is updated. As always, please double check for errors. I will try to update as much as I can over the next couple weeks, but I will be really busy with work these next 2 weeks. Please be patient while I get through my hell weeks. :)

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This level of Choplifter always reminded me of G.I. Joe...






This, in my opinion, is the most challenging level on the game. The following level is the 4th and final level, which loops thereafter with increased difficulty.

My best game is making it to level 8.

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Choplifter - 3,200



Yikes! This version is kind of hard!!!


Maybe at first, but the patterns are fairly predictable and it gets easier once you get used to controlling the helicopter.


Here are a couple of tips to get you started:


1. When you are in the midst of rescuing prisoners, you get attacked by ground enemy tanks that interrupt your rescue. To get them out of your hair completely, try tapping the joystick in the up direction every 2 or so seconds while letting the people on the helicopter. This will reset the timer on the tanks and you will never have to deal with them.


2. Try your best to rescue 24 men with none dead. If you do so, you get a huge bonus.


3. Remember, the aerial enemies are only capable of shooting bullits that fly perfectly horizontal, which makes them easy to dodge. Don't put too much of an effort shooting these guys, concentrate more on dodging their bullits and only shoot them if they fly into your path.


4. Ground assault ceases when you are at ground level. While down there, you can shoot your enemies, but they can't shoot at you. Also, the enemies that roll by and fire missiles at you cannot get you when you are on the ground. They'll only get you on higher altitudes.


5. The ground fire acts similiarly to bullits in the game Space Harrier. They will always be lagging your ship as long as your moving. In other words, try to get these enemies while you are going full steam ahead to stay safe from their projectiles.


Hopefully this helps a little bit.

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It appears that chplft.zip is for an older version of MAME. I had no choice but to use choplift.zip.


Yeah I use wolfmame 106. For what ever reason I am having trouble with chplft.zip. Last time we used ChpLftBl.zip



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