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Some years ago, I wrote Cye, a puzzle game, which has some similaritites to Sobokan and Boulder Dash, and is essentially a port of Kye. Unlike Kye, Cye has a simultaneous, cooperative two-player mode. Since there were not many ColecoVision games of this type, and ColecoVision gamers tend to prefer arcade ports, I only made a limited run of 50 copies. But the game sold out very quickly, so I made 20 copies of Cye 1.1, which has the same gamplay as Cye 1.0, but nearly all single-player levels are different.


A few years have passed. Cye 1.1 is sold out, the sdcc compiler and the other tools and libraries have improved since. This made it possible to make Cye 1.2 with more levels than the previous versions. Cye 1.2 includes all levels from Cye 1.1 and all except for 10 from Cye 1.0. It also contains 2 new two-player levels, for a total of 41 levels. I also made some changes to the graphics, and updated the demo.


More information on Cye and the demo can be found at




Here's a screenshot:




and for comparison an old screenshot of the same level from Cye 1.0:




I consider the game complete, but will do more testing to ensure it works well on real hardware, both NTSC and PAL. Also I haven't yet decided which type of box to use or how many cartridges to make.



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Well, the cart most likely will be the small type I've used for all my games so far (since that's waht I have). The box most likely will either be the square one I used for SCJ2, Cye 1.0 and Cye 1.1, or the new type I used for my most recent four games. The latter is close in dimensions to the standard ColecoVision boxes, but close in material to the SCJ2 / Cye 1.0 / Cye 1.1 boxes.



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After some further graphics adjustments, the addition of another level, lots of testing and debugging, Cye 1.2 is now nearly ready. Last weekend I burned the EPROMs and assembed the cartridges, next weekend I will put them into the boxes together with the manuals.



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