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krslam's collection: If I had 38, make that 46, bookcases....


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Note: This is a biggish collection, so I'm breaking the upload into 5 parts (plus this intro post. Please hold any comments until all parts are posted.

If I had 38 bookcases,I'd have part of one shelf left over.

But I only have one, so I had to keep filling, photographing, and emptying the same bookcase. Took about 6 months to do all this. Started out filling the entire case before taking a shot, later I switched to loading up just one or two shelves then assembling them in photoshop. For some things that wouldnt stand up properly on the shelves, I laid them out on the floor then photoshopped them to look like they were on a shelf. My photoshop skills are limited, and Im pretty lazy, so my scaling, lighting, and other details are highly variable.

This documents a good chunk of my collection, but not everything. Not included are pong or (most) plug-and-play systems, games on disk or tape for the Atari & Commodore computer systems, or any Amiga, TRS-80 (except CoCo), or cpm computers. I also only show as many systems/peripherals as needed to fill the shelves.

I've managed to fill up the bookcase a few more times, including some of the stuff I initially skipped over plus newer acquisitions. These pictures appear in later posts.

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Commodore, TI99 and other computers

Commodore 64:


Commodore 64:




C16/Plus 4 and C64/VIC20 Overflow:




TI-99/4, Tomy Tutor, Mattel Aquarius, Panasonic JR200U:


Tandy Color Computer, IBM PCjr, Timex/Sinclair:



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Final Upload: Everything Else (including some stragglers that missed thier original photo op)



ColecoVision & ADAM:




NeoGeo Pocket & MVS, Watara Supervision, Tiger game.com & R-Zone:


Magnavox Odyssey2/Videopac:


Odyssey2, Channel F & Astrocade:


Turbografx16/PCE, Vectrex, Studio II, Amiga CD32, Arcadia, Microvision, & Misc:



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And I thought I had a "collecting" problem! :-o You should sell off some of those rare items and buy some more bookcases with the profits...not to mention a house large enough to fit them all. :grin:

Ha! Last thing I need is a bigger house to put more crap in. Limited space is the best restraint for my hoarding tendencies.

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What is the device to the right of the Intellivision Keyboard Component? Also, does the KB actually work?

That's part of a Inty demo unit. Fill it with carts, attach it to a console, and it cycles thru short segments of whatever games are plugged in. I think it shows some advertising text between games but can't remember for sure.


Both it and the KB unit are working.

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Early on I was actually standing loose carts up on the bookcases with other items hidden behind them to prop them up. Eventually I gave up doing that and started laying things out on the floor in shelf-sized chunks and used photoshop to move those chunks into a picture of an empty bookcase. Sometimes my sizing was off which is why some things look weirdly compressed. There was no compelling reason to do it this way except that I'd already started down the path of trying to find out how many bookcases it'd take to hold it all. I really developed an appreciation for games that had spine labels and could be readily stacked. 650+ PS1 games fit nicely on a case, but <100 Odyssey2 games took a case and a half.

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Wow, what an collection, I wish I have only 10% of your collection, I am really impressed of your collection! You must live in an Cthedral to have the space for all that stuff ;-)

It all packs up pretty efficiently, ~8500 games in a spare bedroom. Some of the hardware I have to keep elsewhere. Most of the actual playing is done with various multicarts, flash devices, or emulation.

Helps to have an understanding spouse, too.

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There are a number of items in there that seem to be impossible to get. So psyched to see all of your stuff properly displayed! Congrats Krslam. So sick!


Miss hunting with you. I know it wasn't long and it's been a while, but it was fun while it lasted!


I keep looking, and man that is such an awesome collection. Great job displaying/photographing. Most of you heathens couldn't possibly appreciate what he's done here. MWAHAHAHAHA

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The fact that you took the time to set up all these shoots with one bookcase is amazing in itself! Maybe you can loan it to Ian so he can do the same thing. :P. Really awesome collection a shame it can't all be out at once. Maybe you should keep one platform out and just rotate stock once a year. Thanks for sharing!

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