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Gensis model 1 and 32X/cd


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I have 2 model 1 genesis consoles and I understand that the only way to get stereo sound out of it is through the headphone jack or mod it. I was wondering if you have a 32X and you play 32X games or regular games on it does it come out stereo sound or mono sound since it's a model 1 and it connects through the cable that is mono sound? I am going to get a 32X and CD at some point but not sure if I should mod one of my gensis model 1's for stereo sound or if the 32X is a solution. Also not sure what sound comes from the CD if it's just the CD sound or if it comes from the console too, never had them when i was young.



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Well that stinks, I was hoping for an easy solution. Now I did notice that both my systems seem to be the ones that everyone "hates" for some reason so maybe I'll just get a high definition one when I get the CD and 32X. One of the stores around here said I could get all 3 with all the cables for $75. now, not sure if they have any HD models, but it might be worth it and then just use it like you do or mod it. Hmmm

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Part of the problem is that the 32X only has a mono cable by default. I've got the Genesis 1/32X/SegaCD 2 combination, and I use the SegaCD audio outputs to get stereo sound... and I feed the Genesis headphone audio into the SegaCD's mixing ports. The 32X just passes the audio, the only thing it really affects is the video output.

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Guess I'm a little confused about this. I was under the impression that the audio and video came out of the 32 X and not the Genesis system so why would it not be in stereo sound?


The sound goes from the 32X PWM into the Genesis through the cart port. The Genesis adds those signals with its own audio and outputs it through the headphone jack (on the Model 1) and through the AV port on the other models. The 32X takes the RGB from the AV port, mixes it with its own RGB and outputs the video out its own AV port. It simply routes the audio from the Genesis AV port to its own AV port. Unfortunately, the Genesis model 1 only outputs mono on its AV port, so that mono just goes straight through to the 32X AV port.


So for stereo, you either need to mod the Model 1 AV port for stereo, or you need to use the headphone jack for audio.

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