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Need to reduce the CPU time this routine takes (help!)

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Never mind with that last post. On the real thing, lines appear between each zone. Something is taking too long to run.


So, I went back to the original Loader routine (the one that slows down when all of the enemies + player + 2 shots are on the screen). I applied some of the tricks mentioned here to that routine. The slowdown is now not as noticeable on the real thing (but still is on ProSystem).


I'm going to stick with this.


Thanks, guys - I've learned a lot from this thread.


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He would be using STA WSYNC within the DLI. I don't think it would be necessary but didn't know if there would be some slight jitter to when the vbi routine starts each time.


Outside the DLI I know it could be problematic. IIRC, on the Atari 400/800s the keyclick routine used it which could cause DLI issues.


Sorry, I meant using STA WSYNC outside the DLI. You can use STA WSYNC inside the DLI to sync the DLI to the next line (required to change the palette), but if you're just releasing the mainline then it isn't necessary.

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