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Tumulus (2600)


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I hope you enjoy it, sodarun. If anyone sees any bugs, please post them here. I'm trying to stomp them out. A few more fixes, and improvements. Trees and pits no longer change color when you hit them, since you can't destroy them anyway. Pits have returned, I improved the graphics a little. I have increased the shake with the eyes, and turned the pits back on. Potions now decrement when used. This one was completely my fault. At some point for some reason I can't comprehend right now, I had put in code to randomly remove a potion when it was used, instead of always doing it. Don't know what the hell I was thinking, putting that code it. But the offending has now been removed. The game now starts off paused, to play simply press the fire button. And now you can die as well. Removed a few bits of unused code. This is going to be an ongoing thing. I need to find some more space in the rom, for adding more monsters. Still need to create 2 more bosses, and figure out how to fit them sprites into the ROM. At some point I'm going to create a routine to set up the levels. I don't have the room for the levels. This will also make replay a little more entertaining. Enjoy the new version. Also need to fix the bug that causes extra lines when you touch a boss.



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Significant reorganization of code. Changing the way enemies are chosen. Switching to a routine to randomly choose enemies. For now, it simply increments through all the basic ones. This saves more than a 100 byes. This is probably the first version, that I think is playable. You can score points, and you can die. Remember to press fire to start.





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Fixed some of the screen size issues. I believe the only time the screen goes to 263 lines long, is for one screen, when you first start. The sky now only changes color, if the enemy is one you must defeat. Fixed the recently introduced bug of losing the horse if you were touching the horse, while you hit it. The potion no longer makes the opponents act as if they are hit. It simply changes their color, and reduces their life. This change helps with using a potion on a creature you can't reach. This caused them to sometimes stay there forever, and you could never defeat them.





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All 5 bosses now have some graphics, and can be fought against. They're not complete, but at least they show up, and can be defeated. The screen size no longer gets 5 lines taller when the bosses are on the screen. However that causes a small graphics corruption of the player. Level should now increment properly, and reset to 0, when boss 5 is killed. I was comparing to 5, when I should be comparing to 4. The mummy is no longer skipped. This version has a boss every 4 monsters. This will be changed later, it's just so all the bosses can be fought easily. I think the score is finally fixed, sometimes the last digit would go over 9.


Boss 4 is messed up, will need to look into what's wrong, maybe a page boundary problem.

Sometimes hitting a monster in one lane hurts another monster in a different lane, maybe related to boss code?

Sometimes if player touch boss, especially mummy he gets corrupted. I've seen this before, but can't remember cause.

Still need to add bosses special attacks. Will-o-wisp is done(blue ball), mummy is done(just needs color fixed), the other three I haven't started on.




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