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Some basic MESS questions


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I have recently installed a version of MESS running Extended Basic and some Funnelweb files. I had a lot of help from a friend who helped me overcome some of the installation hurdles. He is also at a newby stage but a bit further along than I am. I have been able to set up a couple of HRD cards to match my real TI set-up.


At this point in my learning process I have a few questions.


1 - Can I print from MESS? I have selected 'rs232/pio' in one of the Slot Options.


2 - Is the only way to put a disk into one of the HRD disks is to first load it into one of DSK1 to DSK4 and then copy it file by file to the target HRD disk?



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1. You can print to a file. You need to "mount" a file as the "parl" file (parallel). For instance, when you start MESS with


./mess64 ti99_4a -peb:slot6 tirs232 -parl outfile.txt


you can "print" to this file, then you can take that file and actually print it with your operating system support. You can set the "parl" file in the File manager; you maybe need to create it first.


2. Please use TIImageTool to easily manage HD images. It offers some simple ways to copy files between images. TIImageTool is at http://www.ninerpedi...php/TIImageTool



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I've got a basic MESS question myself: is there a way to change the open menu button (Scroll Lock) in MESS to another key? I currently use Scroll Lock for my compose key - a set-up which I am very happy with. I could change the compose key to Left Win, but I'd prefer to keep it as Scroll Lock if I can.



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