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PS4 glitching/freezing at E3 with AC:Black Flag


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Did anyone noticed the freezing during the demo of Assassins Creed Black Flag? I was watching live stream, thinking that my connection dropped for a second, but it turns out that it was actually freezing on their demo system.

I wonder if they were using the Gaikai streaming service to do the demo, it totally looked like the freezing was caused but slow/dropped internet connection.


Any official comments from Sony?


PS. why AAs auto spelling feature does no work?

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Beta software is beta. They have less excuses now that it's straight up plain 'ol PC hardware, though.


That doesn't matter, alpha and beta will be buggy as hell, just like what happened to Microsoft and battlefield 4. Hell even the launch versions are buggy most of the times.


No software is ever complete, no software is ever bug free regardless of platform or architecture.

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