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Classic Game Fest - Austin, TX - July 13-14


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CLASSIC GAME FEST 2013 – July 13-14 - Palmer Events Center – Austin,TX

Full Schedule and Details on Austin’s RETRO Video Game Convention


Over the past 5 years, in addition to their regular monthly tournaments and events, Game Over Videogames has staged the largest classic video game party in central Texas for video game fans of all ages known as CLASSIC GAME FEST, or simply CGF (www.classicgamefest.com). These events typically have included HUGE retro game tournaments, costume contests, movies, live video game music bands, and much more fun for the whole family. This summer, CGF will become an annual Retro Video Game Convention held each summer in Austin, TX. Bring the whole family to see what video games were like “back in the day”.


CLASSIC GAME FEST 2013 will take place on July 13-14 at the Palmer Events Center near downtown Austin (www.palmereventscenter.com ). Wristbands good for admission the entire weekend including ALL events, tournaments, concerts, etc. will be sold for only $10 each and all children under 12 get in FREE all weekend (when accompanied by an adult). Plus, a portion of every wristband sold will benefit the Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation. Discount wristbands on sale NOW at all Game Over Videogames retail stores and online at www.gameovervideogames.com.

The complete listing of all events and times for CGF2013 has just been officially released. The full schedule is as follows:


BOTH DAYS - July 13-14, Classic Game Fest will include:

- Artist Alley and Dealers room featuring classic and retro video games and related merchandise - games, systems, plushies, tshirts, figures, artwork, & more!

- Apple Computer FAN booth - see classic Apple computers from the 80s

- NeoGeo FAN booth - see & play on the amazing NeoGeo systems - find out WHY these were the biggest cartridges ever made!

- Classic Video Game Museum - see all of the classics up close and show your kids and friends which ones YOU played "back in the day"

- Children's Coloring station - something for the younger fans

- Get to PLAY your favorite retro systems such as Atari, NES, Genesis, and more!

- "CA$H for GAMES" station where you can bring and sell YOUR classic games, systems, and accessories for CA$H!

- LIVE MUSIC - both nights feature amazing and FREE concerts from amazing gaming/nerdcore bands

- Classic Arcade machines set up on FREE PLAY!


The following schedule is for DAY ONE - Saturday, July 13th:

10am - Doors OPEN and CGF Begins

12pm - CGF Tournament#1 begins - NeoGeo - League Bowling (8 Player LINKED battle - never before attempted at a convention!)

2pm - CGF Tournament#2 begins - Speed Runs and other retro challenges!

3pm - Official CGF Costume Contest - 2 brackets - Kids 17 and under and Adults 18+ - prizes announced soon!

4pm - CGF Tournament#3 begins - TETRIS - 2-player Tengen Tetris BATTLE!

6pm - Artist Alley/Dealers room closes and AFTER party begins!

6pm - CGF After Party #1 begins - featuring LIVE MUSIC from the Returners, Gimmick-the video game band, and Descendents of Erdrick!

9pm - End of Day one.


The following schedule is for DAY TWO - Sunday, July 14th:

12pm - Doors OPEN and CGF Begins

1pm - CGF Tournament#4 Begins - NeoGeo - King of Fighters 98

3pm - CGF Tournament#5 Begins - Super Smash Bros 64 - PRO level tournament

6pm - Artist Alley/Dealers Room closes and AFTER party begins!

6pm - CGF After Party #2 begins - featuring an ALL-STAR nerd-core/hip-hop LIVE MUSIC showcase from Scrub Club Records featuring: Madhatter, King Pheenix, and more!

8pm - End of Day two.


Full descriptions of each event including all tournament rules, signup info, etc. will be announced soon online on Facebook, Twitter, and at www.classicgamefest.com.

For more info on CGF2013 and for all media/press inquiries, please contact David Kaelin at info@classicgamefest.com.

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Much smaller venue than "CGF will take place throughout the entire upstairs level" lead my friend and I to expect - I don't think there would have been room for AtariAge to set up had Al been able to attend.


Not a whole lot to see - was excepting more systems to be set up for hands-on, I brought Medieval Mayhem and Space Rocks but there wasn't anything to show them on. Likewise I was expecting more arcade systems.


They could have used some speakers throughout the 2 days. If they do this next year I'd be willing to do a presentation on Atari homebrews like I have for the past couple of years at the Houston Arcade Expo. My friend and I left after a couple hours, presentations like mine would have kept us around longer.


"Met" 37 new Mii's on my 3DS. The most I'd ever met at one time before was 10 at Freedom Over Texas (Houston's 4th of July celebration).

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I was pretty disappointed in this one. I left after about 30 minutes of the opening. With only 3 vendors selling games, all of which had been at Screwattack, there just wasn't anything to see. Even Game Over didn't bring much to sell, just a few cases with mid level rarities at best.


The venue was way smaller than what it was made out to be, but there could have been more. I had thought about the possibility of being a vendor myself, in the future, but their buy table before you even got into the event will probably prevent that. I am interested in buying and trading as much as selling and don't want possible sellers to be vultured by the sponsor prior to even making it into the event. I get the event was for the benefit of the store, but I've never seen an event with a setup like this and hope its not a trend that catches on.


The only plus side was I was able to drive to it so my costs were just a night in a hotel. Had some good finds outside of the show, that took the sting out of not being able to spend any money at the show. All in all, I'll have to think real hard before attending this one again.

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Ok, just wanted to be sure that I wasnt the only one disappointed. I kind of knew the amount of vendors would be limited, especially when you have a game store chain hosting the event. I missed the concert, but heard it was pretty good. It will be interesting to see if they take suggestions and make changes. I know it was their first year to put together something like this beyond from what they did in previous years at their store locations........ so I will give them a pass this year. If it looks like the same deal next year, then forget it

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Glad to see they have expanded this from having their game fest at their stores to a convention. Its nice to see this and Retropalooza in September happening in the state of Texas. We need more of this!

And don't forget, Texas also has the Arcade Expo in Houston every November too!

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