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Which Vectrex controller should I get


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Which controller do owners here prefer? I'm thinking of these from Recycled Gamer


a- SNES because it has 4 buttons on the face

b- Genesis because I use one for the Atari and like it

c- Genesis arcade stick - three buttons with three smaller megafire buttons as button 1.

d- PS1 arcade stick, has way too many unused buttons but it is analog.


I'm leaning towards theGenesis stick but I'm not sure if the megafire buttons as button 1 will hamper any gameplay. I do like the idea of having a joystick. Too bad it's not analog though. Then again if the games are digital anyway maybe having analog controls wouldn't matter.

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What's wrong with the original Vec controller or do you not have one?


If you can use a 6-button Sega pad, I'd go with one of those, otherwise maybe an SNES pad. But I'd concentrate on getting the original controller before settling on the alternatives. Especially the pricier ones.

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Original ones cost almost as much as the modded ones.


I'm not a fan of the Sega ones because they are 3 button with Start being the fourth. The SNES one is better but then you have to remember which order the buttons are in. I like the 8 button Arcade joysticks, but that Madcatz Flight Stick is really interesting.

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I have one that seems fine. The stick is bent a little which seems to be common. I have no idea why as the stick seems very strong, did people abuse these things when they were new?


Like tbrd said, the issue is that you can't get a second one. They have been going for 60 broken and 250 for new in box with no in between. I want a second controller to use as a back up and for 2 player games.


I can't help but think the flight stick will annoy me with all the unused buttons. If one of the other PS1 sticks were analog that would be perfect. He needs to get some PS2 sticks and mod them or even ps3 sticks as the price isn't too high on them right now.

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Flight stick would be overkill and the throw would feel weird playing such a large honkin' thing on a Vectrex. Oh and you're right... I wouldn't worry too much about getting a true analog controller. Worthless pursuit IMO.


Never saw a bent original Vectrex stick, but have probably seen less than a dozen in my life. And no, I don't believe that owners of the Vectrex BITD or now, would have been too hard on their system. It was a niche product since launch and the kind of people that bought it, would have taken better care of it than that IMO. Only way I can think of it getting bent, is that they shoved it in the compartment with the wire nearby (vs. around the stick) and during shipping, thing got dropped/bashed and voila! You know how people treat things after it's no longer theirs. ;)


BTW: I bought my second perfectly working Vec controller from a user here for $60 and gotta tell you... RARELY ever use the thing! Less true 2-player games than I thought. lol Most 2 player games alternate and just use the one controller.


Just be patient if you want to score an extra controller for $50-$70. One will crop up. $250 is beyond ridiculous - new or not.

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BINGO! Just thought of this... Neo*Geo X controller would be awesome if it were adapted to the Vectrex. Great styling, 4-buttons, short joystick on the left side, nice and sturdy... this would make the BEST alternative to the original IMO.


Maybe ask or just send one to John... I bet it can be done. ;)





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I'm not sure the stick isn't supposed to be bent. It doesn't look damaged but it curves down a little.


I'll probably wait on getting one but the Neo Geo would be good. I've actually been thinking of getting some Neo Geo system anyway. I've heard the X isn't so great. That's for my other topic though.




I wrote to Recycled Gamer and sent an Amazon link to it. If he makes one I'll get it. Otherwise I'll just wait and think on it. I just got the Vectrex so I need to let the impulse buy phase end before spending any money on it.

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At least the Neo*Geo X controllers can be bought separately. ;)


And no, the Vectrex stick is not supposed to be bent. It angles down slightly if a little loose, but it's not bent. If you spin/twist the stick with your fingers and the thing is all wobbly, that's not normal. Here's a pic of my two:



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For me, analog is the only way. Of course I really only play hyper chase on my vectrex, so my opinion may be a bit out there. (that game is so good)

But I also don't believe that the recycledgamer analog options are worth spending money on. Such bad original designs. Maybe if the saturn 3d pad was an option I'd feel differently.


We're living in crazy times. There are a million 3d printers out there and the owners are *starved* for ideas on what to print up--they're so bored they're printing up more 3d printers... Why haven't we come up with something that fits like the original controller--but maybe works a bit better. Microswitched buttons would be a start... Maybe move the '1' button closer to the '4' button.

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