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"Deathchase XE" game


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12 hours ago, xxl said:


Nice image.

The only problem here is that it doesn't fit to the style of the game. 

Add some "8 bit look" , some Atari like graphic fx, or adjust the game to the sceen. 

Which means to have the graphic like "burning in hell" using colors. 

Adding some flames to the game should be possible...


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just wanted to say the xex version wont work on the ultimate cart (thats why i wanted it...) im not too worried that the high score wont save though it is a nice feature.... can anyone fix it?


ultimate cart... a really nice addition to the best 8 bit machine ever!!!

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Did you try the Homesoft version ?


Combined the hundreds of segments into as few as possible...

- DC1 unpacked (uses page 1)

- DC2 packed with Superpacker (still uses page 1)

- DC3 packed with Code 3 cruncher (no longer uses page 1, but the title screen looks ugly in blue-white instead of black-white)


NOTE: This fileversion does not have highscore saves, so in the eyes of the author "it is useless"... just like 99% of my carts and tapes that do not have highscore saves...   ;-)



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