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TG 16 Season 2 Round 2 Games List



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  1. 1. What Category are you most interested in

    • Side Scrolling Shooters
    • Vertical Shooters
    • Platformers
    • Action
    • Beat em Ups
    • Puzzle
    • RPGs...this would be a month long round to see how far you get in the game

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Voted for vertical & horizontal shoot em ups. Personally I much prefer vertical ones, but PCE probably has more & better horizontal shmups (I'm not too familiar with its game library but I know PCE R-Type is considered to be the best conversion). Anyway I'll gladly play any shoot em up in the competition.


RPGs - I don't think they really work in game competitions unless


a) it's a speedrun competition

b) or the game in question is a roguelike featuring scoring and permadeath / no reload mechanic


Unlike roguelikes, typical computer or console rpgs aren't the most challenging or skill intensive games (yeah I know there's Chaos Strikes Back etc). Probably everybody can finish most rpgs in a months time, so is there a point in such a competition?

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