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ABBUC Software Contest - the unpublished software


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Hello Atarians,


I noticed that some of ABBUC Software Contest entries are still unavailable to download. There are many of them put in public domain, but I can't find any downloads. Do you know any of them?


Here is a list of particular entries which I am interested in:


ABBUC 2003


- Das Spiel "The Alien Encyclopedia" von WASEO
- Das Würfelspiel von Russ Gilbert
- Der Grafikbetrachter "TipView" aus Polen
Atari Road Map
Hit the mole
Franz. Wörter 2
Waseo Inhalts Kreator
SIO Hi-Patches
Cavern Run
Whiskey Mon
Screen Test
If any of the authors come by here, it would be even better. Thanks to all for the help!


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the software contest 2003 even had NEO-Tracker by EPI, but we did not get it working on our real Ataris, so it had been disqualified. Afaik, the version in 2003 was Neo-Tracker 1.4, the newest version nowadays is 1.8 and there should also be a NEO-Player which works with 64k computers. Alas, EPI`s old homepage is gone (http://epi.atari8.info/), so it is not so easy to find these programs any longer. EPI was/is also active at Github, but there you mostly get only the sources (or the download of the XEX/EXE files is really difficult to find).


1) Regarding Tipview, the released version for ASC-2003 was 0.9, the newest version nowadays is 1.1:


With this link you can download the Tip-Converter, all its sources and Tipview 1.1 (it is in the subdir TipConv2 under the name tv.xex).


2) Regarding NEO-Tracker, Epi calls it ENO nowadays and here is a download link for some ENO-sources:


Alas, it does not contain any executable files (not even an older Neo-Tracker version).


Attached from my collection you will find Tipview 1.1 and NEO-Tracker 1.6 + 1.8 (the newest version 1.8 works good with simple-stereo by Candle and its built-in Covox at $D280, while the older version 1.6 works good with most other stereo-upgrades; meaning: my simple stereo upgrade with Covox by Candle does not work with version 1.6, while my simple-stereo upgrade without Covox by Lotharek does not work with version 1.8 )...


If anyone has the executable version (XEX/COM/EXE) of ENO or the NEO-player (which should also work on 64k machines), please let me know and/or upload it here...


3) Regarding Cavernrun, there are two versions a) the older one from 1992 (released in KE-Soft`s ZONG magazine), it can be found here: http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=katalog&sub=C&tg=Cavernrun#Cavernrun

and there is b) the newer ASC-2006 version which can be found here: http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=katalog&sub=C&tg=Cavernrunner#Cavernrunner


4) Russ Gilberts Wuerfelspiel (= german for dice-game) is named Skunk and can be found here:



Greetings, Andreas Koch.



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