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Eindhoven meeting


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I plan to attend the Eindhoven meeting, anyone else?




BTW, I seem to have become unable to post messages with Firefox (23) on this forum. It does not accept the message in the text field and says I need to enter a post after pressing "Post new topic". "Preview Post" returns me to this form again, again with an empty text field, and no "Post Preview" field. :-(


Doing this right now with Konqueror.

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Hi, there were a lot of program points. I really loved it. But I didn't take any pictures this time.


  • MESS
  • TI-ImageTool
  • TI Scramble
  • Pandaboard/Beagleboard - both with TI processor (OMAP)
  • Gamebase 2.0 for the TI-99
  • Errorfree Website Highscore Database
  • Errorfree Website Some Editor for a German Strategy game (where you buy/sell/transfer goods from A to B)
  • USB - Joystick Adapter: use original 9pin Atari Joysticks on PC - http://www.sinchai.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=137
  • RS232 to Bluetooth to RS232 (wireless networking)
  • Berry did a nice Auction of TI-99 goodies

Edgar Mauk Award:

  • Fred Kaal
  • Michael Zapf
  • Ronald Kalwij
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