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Super Minefield and Memotech MTX Games Collection Vol.2


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Super Minefield pass final tests, and should be ready, I have no plans to change anything in the ROM at this point of time.


Memotech MTX Games Collection Vol 2 (Codename "The Keys" cause it have 3 games programmed by A.KEY) - The games in this collection will be: Nemo, Star Command and Obloids I estimate 1-2 weeks to finish this ROM.


Star Command could use overlays - could be handy cause almost all keys at the keypad will have a function also ;)

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I dont think its an error. When the programmer set up the vdp or so, it will print this to the screen, but you will not see it on a real colecovision cause maybe is just in one frame. Ofcause the you can catch those kind of things in a youtube movie, I think if you browse other games frame by frame you will see things you will not notice at a real ColecoVision, when you play them ;)

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