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Fishing... an update and an idea


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Hey guys... not dead, just been busy!


Work has been kicking my ass... working 6 days a week now and putting the wifey through nursing school...


HAVE been busy though. Although just about NOTHING computer related. =) Been fishing, primarily. Here are a few pix of my son and I on our fishing trips around the Denver area over the last 2 months.














So... what would it take to make something like THIS. Rasmus might have some thoughts on the scrolling. =)



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Looks like you had a great time with the kids. But the one you caught looks like small fry to me... :P


For the game, the open water sequences it looks like the graphics would be simple enough for smooth scrolling (9918A based). However, the scrolling would have to start and stop on 8 pixel boundaries, and the diagonal scrolling would have to be done by scrolling vertically 8 pixels and then horizontally 8 pixels. Since smooth scrolling would add lots of complexity to the code, would seriously limit the numbers of available tiles and color transitions, and would not really add anything to the game play, I would consider using 8 pixel scrolling instead.


Alternatively 8 pixel scrolling could be used on the 9918A and smooth scrolling on the F18A using the scroll registers.


If you want to investigate the possibilities of 9918A smooth scrolling, try designing some sample graphics in Magellan and then use the 'Analyze Character Transitions" tool to count the number of unique transitions (after making sure that the colors are OK). For my algorithms you can have a maximum of 128 transitions, and for 2D scrolling these must be shared between horizontal and vertical transitions.

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Yea... Buck catches all the big ones. =)


8 pixel scrolling would look fine... I'm not wanting to make a masterpiece... Just something cool. I'll do it in XB and compile it, see what it looks like. I am not sure I want to even do a whole game, just a demo to start. I'll hop on Magellan when I get some time and give it a nice run through. =)


Glad to see this place bustling and moving as always.

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