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I didn't find a PC deals topic so I thought I'd start one.

Steam has Mass Effect 2 for $4.99



List of Abandonware sites with PC Games.

Abandonware is software still under Copyright protection, but the owner does not appear to be tracking violations or enforcing the Copyright.

These are generally considered to be "orphan works" where the original owner cannot be contacted for whatever reason.
No attempt has been made to verify any of the software you download from these sites and you do so at your own risk. Scanning for viruses and spyware is highly recommended.


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Good idea since the black friday will be hitting soon.



Sonic and All Star Racing Transformed $4.99


Steam key via Greenman:




Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons $6 (with code: GMG20-50Z66-SCTEU)


Steam key via Greenman:




Brothers is not a AAA title but it's very well done. One of the best adventure games out there.


More Steam deals:

RISEN $2.49

RISEN 2 $4.99

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I haven't played any of them but...

DOOM Classics Complete $3.74

DOOM 3 $2.49

DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil $1.24

The main page has several other games for under $5

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Halloween specials all over Steam right now. Lots of horror\halloween based stuff.

There are around 200 titles on the list. Many under $5, most under $10.

A few of the titles:

Darkness, Darkness II, Darksiders, Darksiders 2, Max Payne Franchise, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil 5, Alan Wake Franchise, Overlord Complete Pack, Aliens Colonial Marines...

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Yeah, there are a ridiculous number of titles coming. I'm happy to see some of the older games I liked coming.

I'm picking up 5 titles, all under $5 each.
Fallout 3, Game of the year edition
Alice Madness Returns
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Overlord: Complete Pack

I had to pick a couple creepy ones for Halloween. :)
That should keep me busy a long time... and I haven't even downloaded some of the titles from the last sale yet. I was waiting for the specs to the Steam box to be released.
Now I need to build a new system for my HTPC/Game box. The motherboard on my old one crapped out after 5 years. I think the power supply killed it.

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GOG.com has a Halloween special going on too. Snagged Clive Barker's Undying at a steal for $1.79.

I bought that when it was new. That game had me boobing and weaving to avoid creatures the whole way through!



They have Wizardry 6+7 for $6

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Geezus I hope you guys have been checking out the GOG deals today.. lots of games went free! You have to be on it though...

Every time I'm on GOG the only thing less that $9.99 are titles I don't recognize. And gog only sells a limited number of deals like that so they go so fast you usually miss it.

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