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Harmony Cart for PAL region – using ROMS etc.


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I'm in New Zealand, so PAL region at 50Hz.


- Does this mean I need to find PAL ROMs only?



Even though my CRT gaming TV (Sony Wega Trinitron) can handle 60Hz, does this mean NTSC ROMs will run at a slower speed?


Some ROMs only seem to be available in NTSC, such as some of the homebrews.

Stella OSX doesn't seem to care about region and plays 'em all fine.



(Waiting on arrival of my Harmony Cart, so getting my files together in anticipation!)



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Cheers for the info SpiceWare.


I have a Sega Master System with a 50 / 60Hz mod switch, as the developers were lazy and didn't bother altering the games for PAL, resulting in slow games. (using the switch makes them infinitely better.)


- Wouldn't this mean that my actual 2600 PAL console itself would play NTSC more slowly even though my TV reads both?


I see the developers write that line of code to allow for framerate in the case of PAL.


Then we get into games that weren't written to be different and simply slapped a PAL sticker on them (if any are like Sega were).


Looks like I opened a can of worms – would be a lot easier if I lived in an NTSC region, with 2600 being an American console!

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If I am correct Atari 2600 generates the video modes right from the code so there is nothing similar like on Sega consoles, that on a PAL machine anything NTSC is slower... on the PAL Atari the NTSC cartridge computes an "NTSC video output" but the PAL console has different color palette so: NTSC games = different colors, same speed. There have been many conversions already done both as for the colors and even NTSC to PAL 50 Hz conversions... all thanks to great people over here.

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