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Forget your dinky little 15 or 17" monitor on your laptop!


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Want to enjoy Atari Age on a big screen?

If you are like me, you have an average 15" - 17.3" monitor on your laptop. As you get older the writing gets a little small. Well for only $35.00 you can send your active TAB to the Chrome Cast (TV). Now you can read things easier, and most importantly see the You Tube demonstrations in style!



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You can also do this from iPads and iPhones to an Apple TV using AirPlay. Here's my iPhone 5 mirroring Safari to my 60" TV. Also tried with an iPad, but the iPhone looks better due to the widescreen aspect ratio. I can also do this from my MacBook Air, which would probably be more suitable for my tastes. The phone is sitting under the TV so you can get a sense of scale.





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I prefer my 23 inch LCD screen with 1920 by 1080 as I can sit close and everything is not so small plus at the distance of 2 feet it feels like you are in the games.


Also with that resolution I can blow up Classic99 and still have tons of screen space left for other stuff.



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