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Computer Craziness


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I have a copy of Computer Craziness that I want to add to the archive, but it is an ex-library copy. As such it has been bound and has multiple library stickers on it.


I was hoping that someone had a very good to excellent copy and could scan the front and back cover for me.


I need the scan in 24-bit color, 200 dpi, full size, jpeg and the final image colors should be pretty close to the original when viewed on the monitor.


Also, each "saved" image should be no less than 2MB, so as to not lose too much detail in the compression. I will reduce it to its final size, which won't be much less than that.


I apologize for sounding ungrateful for both asking for a favor and then requiring minimum standards, but I have certain goals that I'm trying to accomplish. Also, I'm trying to avoid using the library copy because it's not as clean as I would wish.








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Thanks Jim,


It would be great to get the covers of "Animation, Games, and Sound for the TI99/4A" by Tony Fabbri if you have it.


MIne is a library copy,but the cover is in better shape than "Computer Craziness", but having the non-laminated version would be nice.


Those are the only two I have that are ex-library copies, so I shouldn't need any others.


There is no big hurry on either. I'm still a couple weeks away from scanning either.


Thanks again for offering,


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