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remake of BARBARIAN on PC,Megadrive,PCengine and Jaguar !


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i'm 42 old and i'm french.

for the 30Th anniversary of the game BARBARIAN
i have done a clone of the Atari ST (the palace sotware 1987 game) for PC ,Sega Genesis/Megadrive ,Nec PCengine and Atari Jaguar

this game is one of my first teenager game and i always like it.

this remake is in Basic, powered by QB64 (for the PC version) an awesome programming language .

for the Sega Megadrive, always in basic with BasiEgaXorz an awesome Sega Genesis BASIC compiler.

for the Pcengine, i have port it in C, with Huc 3.21, the most easy C compiler for console !

and now, i have ported it in basic with Raptor Basic+ (rb+) available on atariage,

who is a fantastic compiler !


i have tried to re-created the original as in 1987, as faithfully as possible ,
whether is be for gameplay but also for graphics

i hope you will enjoy this remake

here is the download link and some screenshots

PC :




Nec PC-Engine:


Atari Jaguar :





for finishing, here is a video on youtube, of the Atari JAguar rom, running on my skunkboard




i have also done the others versions : CPC, C64, Spectrum, Amiga, PC and AppleII

if it interest you, all the links are on my website :




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thanks all ;-)

each line of all this remakes are from me, i have started in 2012 from a blank page.

all this remakes represent 1-2 year of coding

the gfx are screenshots from emulators and sound has been catched with freecorder

you can read the source in the zip (*.bas file)

i think the Megadrive source could be adaptated on a many 8bit hardware (Colecovision,Master system,Nes....)

because all the gfx and sound are in data in the .bex file (over 50.000 lines of code )
if someone want to do it, it would be cool
i can help him, but in basic langague only

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hello all,

after the remake for PC, i have ported the Atari ST version for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive,
always in basic with BasiEgaXorz, the fantastic compiler in basic for Megadrive

i have tried to do the same than the original.


here is a video of the rom turning on my evedrive cartridge :


and the link to download the rom :


the rom runs on emulators, on everdrive and on the real harware of course

i hope you will enjoy with this Atari version

see ya


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This would make a great 7800 game. Maybe it could be done in 7800BASIC?




it's a good idea. why not ?

i will look if it's possible. (maybe the AppleII version)

if someone want to help me to port the code to 7800 basic, it would be great

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Awesome work!

Incredible effort to extract all that graphics and music... Not to mention gameplay... Excellent!


And you even provide source code and all resources.... Cool...


Some people are already working on a better A8 version of barbarian... Think maybe your code and graphics could help.



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it's me again with my remake of Barbarian AtariST

i have just ported it on the little but powerful 8bit console Nec Pc-Engine

the colour and the sound were easy to port on this hardware, with the help of Huc 3.21, a fantastic C compiler

i have learned C langage especially for doing this remake

here is the result in video :


and the link to download the rom:


you dont see it on the video, but if you click on II button, you swap between sfx and music

the music theme has been re-created especially for this remake. its was a big work by "arkhan"

the rom works on emulator (mednafen) and on a real pce of course

i hope you will enjoy to play at this AtariSt 1987's game on a pc-engine

see ya


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with the help of the easy and powerful Raptor Basic + (rb+) available on Atariage,

this year i have ported the remake on Atari Jaguar.

here is a video of the rom working on jaguar with a skunkboard :

and ther is the link to the rom :


i'm proud of it because it's the most faithful to the original :thumbsup:

there is three roms in the zip : for cartridge, for skunkboard and for emulator (PT.exe recommanded is included in the zip)

i am porting others version.
to follow the adventure of the remake it's here :



see ya !

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