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Hover Bovver at eJagFest 2013


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I was at eJagFest in Germany at the weekend just gone (23rd/24th November). Leading up to the event I was asked several times if I could bring Hover Bovver along for people to play. I also took along my 7800 and XM too :-


post-21935-0-21931900-1385502293_thumb.jpg <---- Click to enlarge


I haven't touched Hover Bovver since August so people could play exactly the same game (v1.39) as shown in this video :-



and its also the very same version that Jeff Minter played and tweeted about at Play Expo back in October.


I really enjoyed watching people play the game and also seeing their reaction to it. Some players made use of the game's ability to start at any of the 16 levels and they also checked out the game's two player mode too. Interestingly a couple of players had no experience with a real Inty but still managed to get on with the game and the system's quirky controllers fine. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to run a high score contest all day for the game because some attendees also wanted to see what other projects I'd been working on. Anybody that stopped by for a chat got to see several tech demos and play WIPs and announced/unannounced games on both the Inty and 7800. However, I did manage to take a photo of Hover Bovver's high score chart late on Saturday evening :-


post-21935-0-11514200-1385502997_thumb.jpg <---- Click to enlarge


Well done NAT!


It was a fun packed two day event. Its always good to catch up with your friends, talk to developers on different platforms, play and see homebrews in all stages of development and chat about the retro hobby. This years eJagFest was extra special because its the 20th anniversary of the jag's release so it was two days instead of one. The jag/Atari themed cakes were awesome :D. Oh.... and most importantly... pretty damn tasty too :lol:.


Amongst the new people I met was Der Luchs, who also got to listen to one of his Inty tracker compositions on real PAL hardware for the first time. I also got to check out his unconventional ;) Atari 2600 and Lynx projects.


Roll on next year!

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How was the PAL version of M.M.S.B.C. II Der Luchs brought over? Do tell! :)

I briefly played it. In order to give you constructive feedback I'd have to spend some more time playing it (assuming it has a single player mode) and to also read its back story. Its always interesting (to me) seeing how developers take on the challenges involved in making a side scrolling 2600 game.

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Awesome! Sounds like it was a blast GB!

Yep! Sure was. Its always fun to get honest feedback about your games from people that aren't familiar with them.


One of these days I'll win the lotto and make it to one of these events!

Hell, if you win the lotto come over for Play Expo and eJagFest :lol:


Games look great as always.

Thanks for the compliment.

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I might have to move to europe to check out your 7800xm games!! We certainly do miss your 7800 development and talent for pushing the system. Your knowledge of programming is amazing to everyone.

Have been following your intellivision development as well and the games look awesome. Although I will never buy a intellivision as I have enough systems..they did need a great programmer to keep their system alive.

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Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to run a high score contest all day for the game because some attendees also wanted to see what other projects I'd been working on.


My fault. :P

But yeah, Hover Bovver played very well, and I also used the level select to start on a later level. Which was a bad idea, because never having held an Inty-controller before I failed miserably.^^


It is also worth mentioning that NAT is a girl I believe. At least Starcat's girlfriend seemed to be really into Hover Bovver, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was her highscore. Amazing, females playing retro games. :D


Beside Hover Bovver Rocketeer impressed me a lot. Much action on the screen with no flicker at all. And the XM stuff is also awesome, it honestly looks like games running on an entirely different system to me.


How was the PAL version of M.M.S.B.C. II Der Luchs brought over? Do tell! :)

I played it a while.... but I admit I was somewhat confused as to what to do. It seemed like a horizontal shooter and looked nice, but I am not sure I killed anything. It looked more like I pushed enemies back or something. ^^

What does the name stand for anyway?

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Its region locked but Jeff Minter talked a little about Hover Bovver on a UK TV documentary last night called "Charlie Brooker: Videogames Changed the World" :-




At around 19 minutes in he starts talking about the game.

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