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28 consoles half won't hook up to new TV help

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Cathode Ray Tube. The traditional "tube" TV these consoles were designed to work with. Any attempt to hook up an analog composite console to a digital display will be inferior to the real thing. Analog to digital conversion introduces lag, and you lose scan lines and NTSC artifacting. Might as well play an emulator.

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I second the scaler notion. My mitsubishi wouldn't handle Sega Genesis, so I ended up getting it a vga scaler. It did the trick, but I really wish I could have gone straight to native resolution hdmi so I could avoid double scaling and any extra lag involved in that. (I did this a long time ago when HDMI scalers were scarce).

Make sure your scaler allows you to switch aspect ratios. Many cheap ones force a 16:9 stretch.


Some day I really hope the retrogaming community gets a proper scaler. One that allows options like scanlines and color artifacts while cutting lag as low as it could go. One that had an RF tuner inside and could connect at least 10 systems at once. I think I'd go $500 for such a device.

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