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What are you playing on your PlayStation 4?


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War Thunder is that WWII airplane game yah? It hasn't come out in the US yet, not sure why. I'm totally interested in it.



No it hasn't came out in the US yet due to the game having its own friend list and doesnt have much involvement with the PSN friend list, SCEA didnt like that fact and denied it, SCEE however doesnt have the same approval rules as SCEA so they approved it.



Looks like it will arrive next week with an expansion pack:



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PS4 is officially my platform of choice for this console generation.


I'm currently playing Wolfenstein and Watch_Dogs. The latter using up the majority of my game playing time. It is a great game if you are into the whole sandbox gameplay style. I rather enjoy the strategy of using cameras to plan my route of attack, or even avoid attacking entirely. The driving elements also work well. I give it a thumbs up!

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I played and enjoyed Infamous Second Son... finished on the good karma side and plan on playing through again as an evil.


I recently got bit by the Resogun bug. Got it with PS Plus and have been playing it a bunch. Also picked up Pinball Arcade and have been playing various tables and having fun.


Eyeing up getting WatchDogs but I have a new still sealed copy of AC4 - Black Flag waiting so I should give that a play through first. lol


I do enjoy the PlayStation 4... what a great investment. PS Plus is a must buy for anyone... free games are awesome!

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I actually turned on my PS4 first the first time (since February I believe) yesterday. After updating the system software, I waited for a game update (2+ GIG!) to download while playing a few games of the FIFA Demo. I'm horrible and managed to go 0 - 2 - 2. One of the ties I gave away the ball in my own end and allowed the tying goal just before time expired.


Anyway, once the huge update was complete, I was able to play the game I intended to play. A quick game of the Heat vs the Spurs in honor of the start of the finals.


It was very tight the entire way. I chose to play as the Spurs and Duncan was unstopable during the first quarter. Yet we were still tied. During the second quarter, Duncan cooled off and James got hot. Thankfully. some half-bald dude (Ginobbli or however you spell it) nailed a bunch of three's for me and we actually led by two at the end of the 2nd quarter.The third quarter was fairly uneventfull with neither team doing much and I still held a 2 point lead as we headed to the fourth. Right off the bat, James got a three point play and suddenly we fell behind. Thankfully, the threes were still falling and we kept things close, but the Heat were really putting the heat on me as they kept stealing the ball and going down for dunks. After a couple of free throws with just over 3 minutes to go put us up by 1 (50 - 49), I only managed 5 points the rest of the way. The Heat, led by James and Wade, scored 13 and we ended up losing 62 - 55.


At the end of the day, we had a better field goal percentage, a better three point percentage, better free throw percentage and we absolutely crushed them on the boards. So it must've been the 15 turnovers to their 4 that caused the problem. :)


Oh yeah, I was also called for a technical for cursing....which I swear I didn't do....I just yelled real loud!

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Played some more Resogun and managed to complete the game on Easy and also started playing on Experienced and it was a bit tougher so now I plan on beating that one. Also played some Pixel Junk Shooter... pretty fun shooter.


My son is playing Knack... picked it up from Best Buy for $19.99 so it must be worth that much! lol (I have heard it was not a $60 title). And I think I may be giving the game a try too.


After having fun with Destiny last week, I think I will crack open Killzone and sharpen up my FPS skills.


Oh and last night I purchased Dead Nation for $3.75... could not pass up a price like that! lol Got some games to play now!

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Been playing NBA 2k14. Started a new myGM season with the Celtics. Currently, we're at 4 - 5.


Also downloaded the Resogun update today and played it for the first time since I initially played it during the release. Did pretty good getting the furthest I'd ever made it. I thought I had a really good score until I saw I was approximately number 1800 or so in the US. Guess I have some work to do.

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Finished Watch Dogs yesterday (horribly disapointing game) and started playing Last of Us Remastered this evening. I'm so happy to be playing this game again. I consider it to be one of the best games ever made and the remastered version is absolutely jaw dropping.

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