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The Pepper Ftp online!

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Don't know if this is the proper forum for this but I didn't really know where else to put it.


I just got news from Alex Pepper that the ftp is online and ready to go.


Here are the details:


Pepper FTP


Address: zzzt.alexpepper.com

Username: atari

Password: ste

Port: 549


The downloads are capped at 25kbps, that is good enough if you ask me! The content is huge so you'll probably find whatever you are looking for there.


Big thanks to Alex Pepper for setting up this ftp!!!


Take care


Silver Surfer

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Very nice indeed. He even has Fate: Gates of Dawn, probably one of the most elusive games I'd come across. I had it once on the ST but the disks died and found it impossible to find (or even find anyone who'd heard of it) since.


Maybe now I can get my ST collection in order. :-)

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