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I am working on a version of GoSub for the Nintendo DS. And I'd like anyone who has a DS flash cart to please test it out and make sure it works. I plan on getting a flash cart soon, but I just want to make sure it works before I do. And if you can, please send me a pic of the title screen or the beginning of maze 18 (the current one.) You can download the game here:


Also, I have an original near-launch DS, and I need to know which flash card to get. I would also like to sell my game when it's finished, but I think I would get into legal problems? What's the legality on selling DS homebrew games?

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Update: This is being worked on again. I'm now up to 23 mazes. I'm wondering how many mazes would be the perfect number to finish at. Right now I'm aiming at 100, but does that seem too long or short? Give me your thoughts about that and the game in general. Link to current build is in post #1 of this thread.

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