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vectrex with vertical stretched picture screen


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I have a vectrex whose display looks like has been stretched vertically, i.e. on minestorm the score and remaining spaceship are out of screem


sometimes better than others, sometimes the screen is garbled but a pat on the vectrex head brings thing to "normality".

is there something i could try without killing myself ? :)

I dont know how to solder either.

any help appreciated.


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Sadly for you, this seems to be a solder problem.

I don't know the Vectrex enough to know if there are internal pots for tuning the picture size, but if they exist, they might be responsible.

If you don't know anthing about electronics, it's wise not to try anything yourself, so try to find in your aera someone a bit skilled in electronics. This isn't advanced elctronics skills, but one just need to know basic safety tips when dealing with high voltage stuff.

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thank you i did open my vectrex and with the help of the thread which explain where the "pots" are I manged to make the screen a bit better.

still not satisfied with the result but at least i can see the score :)!


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