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TG-16 Season 2 Round 9 CRATERMAZE

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TG-16 Season 2 Round 9 CRATERMAZE


S.0.S.! S.0.S.! Opiin Trouble!

Wouldn't you know it? You're on a friendly

little trip through time with four of your best

friends when suddenly-ZAP! Your Magic carpet

Ship is attacked by Kublai, second in

command to the evil Zenzombre. Now your

friends are prisoners in another world,

another time. It's up to you to get them out.

With Zenzombie's followers everywhere, this

is going to be a pretty a-maze-ing task!

Object of the Game

Rescue your friends from the evil Zenzombie.

Negotiate your way through different periods

of time, laying craters to trap enemies while

searching for the key that unlocks the Doorway

of Time. Score points by destroying

Zenzombie's followers along the way and collecting

Treasure Boxes. Special Items to increase

your power occasionally appear. The

game is over when you run out of lives, or

you rescue all of your friends at the end of

the 60th level.


Settings: Difficult post-34056-0-77786300-1388979717_thumb.png

No Continues: if you lose a game you must start from level 01

Screenshots requested but not required...this game will show your final score at the password screen after you have lost you last life

Format: HU Card

Manual: Cratermaze.pdf

Round Ends: 01/19/2014 midnight PST

Do not post any score until Monday

Updates and Standings will be posted on Monday

Edited by NIKON
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