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What is the NASTIEST, most UGLY TI-99/4A ever? (PICS)


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Interesting, because, apart from the white keyboard (which I personally find vile) I think it's beautiful. What you see there is a TI that has been used and used hard. If that machine could talk, I think it would have many stories to tell: Children playing games on it, children and parents sitting in front of it typing in programs, producing banners and art work, writing letters, developing programs. And all the while, the people would have been learning. That TI right there looks like it's probably responsible for changing a few people's lives. For the better. I say it's beautiful!

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Is that your system, Kevan? It is a clever combination of beige keys and black keys to highlight certain keys!




My word... NO! :) That is a photo of somebody else's console that CURRENTLY being auctioned off on eBay.

If you want to see a picture of my system go << HERE >> (Must be logged in to view)

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I currently have 5 TI994a's, I have 1 in very nice condition, 1 which is in good condition and 3 others which I would only use for propping up an uneven table leg.


I have often thought about taking the crappy ones and trying my hand at some cosmetic improvements, as I would only use these machines for spares-I can't really do any harm to them. I still have to make my mind up on colour scheme though, high gloss white enamel, black hammered finish or a chrome finish are some that I am thinking about.


Could not really turn out worse than Kevan's picture above!

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The pictures sometimes99er posted of the "circuitbent" TIs won my vote. ;)


I had one with a really ratched up case, and used it to try the aluminum polishing tutorials (usually meant for ipods) on the web. I ran out of patience before I finished, but I got close, and it is definitely possible to get a mirror finish on that aluminum. It might be worth trying again some day to actually see it. :)

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- I remember reading something in a mag about how to replace the keys on a TI (using some tool to pop-em-off) but I forget. I'd have liked combo keys. That's cool -- and to be weird I would have had alternating black/grey keys....or maybe spelled my initials as best as I could.


- I wonder what cartridge is in the port of that original pic...


- at least the "solid state software" sticker was taken care of...


- speaking off-topic, I want to give a cheer for the keys of the TI; my Windoze PC's keyboard has portions of certain letters missing from the oh-so-rough typing; I've never noticed anything like that with TI keyboards and the keys on this machine in this topic's main pic still has all readable keys

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