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MCGG 2014 Meetings

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Next MCGG Meeting
Saturday Feburary 8th @ 3:00pm

"The Arcade"

10816 E. Grand River, Brighton, Michigan


We'll meet by the front door. Wear something classic gaming related so we can recognize you (I'll be wearing my gray shirt featuring my lovely avatar over there)

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When I stopped in mid December their machines were either working or were off and had a sign on it proclaiming it doesn't work. But they did have an excellent number of golden age arcade machines functioning, and a ton of pinball machines, and plenty of table space (and pizza), so. I think it would be a very fitting place for a classic gaming meet!


Pete's isn't as bad as it used to be, thankfully, but it could use a bit more work.

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Well I'm up for either. Ann Arbor is closer to me than Brighton, but I'm not sure where everyone else is coming from.


How about we tentatively schedule this for Feb 8th at the place in Brighton (it's Arcade Heroes right?) at 2:00pm. That should give people time to see this and hopefully come. I'll update the first post.

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I spoke to SignofZeta and he said he'd probably show up. I think we'll have a good crowd. Hopefully we can do this at my place in my game room eventually, but my wife doesn't want strangers over so we might need to do a few of these elsewhere before she feels comfortable having all you freaks over. ;)

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Looks like Pinball Pete's suffered a major flood yesterday. I guess we won't be meeting there any time soon. Good thing we decided to do the place out in Brighton.


3:00 tomorrow everyone. Be sure to hang around the entry way so we can find each other easier.

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greetings fellows, I plan on being at the arcade this afternoon, however, I won't be able to get there til around 5 o'clock.. I had to work today and should be out around 4...


how late was everyone planning on hanging about? was their any other plans, such as dining, hanging out after the arcade? regardless, I'm free the whole evening and hope to see everyone... and Kevin, I have the Private Eye cartridge for you

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