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Northern VA/DC/MD gathering?


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I've been tossing around an idea for a little while now about perhaps having a few of the local forum members (DC/MD/VA) over for some classic gaming. I've met a few of you in person (Blazing Lazers, Skosh, and Lentzquest), so you are primarily whom this is targeted at right now. If we get something together though it would also be open to any other established members in the area (it would be great to meet other local AA'ers!). I actually don't get to meet up with gaming friends too often these days (most of my "gaming" friends these days are pinballers), so I thought maybe it would be fun to get together once in a while on, say, a Sunday or something, and just talk and play games throughout the day. I also have several pinball machines, a JAMMA arcade cabinet, a Vectrex in the main room, and a couple of TVs and computer monitors, so the gaming options could be varied on top of the usual pre and post-crash systems. If we wanted to get out of the house, I am also located right down the street from eStarland, so we could check out some games there as well (definitely worth a visit at least once if you haven't been there before! Maybe not for the prices, but for the sheer size of the store). Anyway, if any of you guys are interested in trying to get together one of these days, let me know and maybe we could set something up!

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I'd like to join as well and will be checking back mid-march. Sundays are for the most part free and hopefully will be then. Just like everyone else said timing can be a problem but should work just fine. Thanks for suggesting something like this Austin!


Awesome, it's great to hear from you man!


I will post back mid-March and we can see about organizing something.

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How do you guys feel about March 30th? Sunday. I believe it's the same day as eStarland's next Gamers Exchange, which I know both Skosh and Lentzquest have been to before. May be a kind of incentive or way of killing two birds with one stone, so to say? Let me know.

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