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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Week 15: Bagman


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The character you control in this game is Bagman, an escaped convict in a striped suit. His goal is to steal all the bags of gold from a mine, haul the gold to the surface and deposit his loot into his wheel-barrow. Bagman must avoid two cops who have been ordered to protect the mine, prevent the gold from being stolen and stop Bagman at all costs.


Game Information:


Game Name: Bagman

Manufactured By: Valadon Automation/Stern/1982

Dipswitches: 3 starting lives. Easy difficulty. Bonus life at 30k

ROMset: Bagman.zip

Chosen By: patbb

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/55408/mame103/Bagman.html


Contest ends on Saturday, January 18th @ 11:59 p.m.


High Scores:


1. 57,930 Fallout_002 [+15]

2. 50,700 darthkur [+14]

3. 42,390 onmode-ky [+13]

4. 42,290 Cynicaster [+12]

5. 38,180 GimmeClassics [+11]

6. 35,520 kane [+10]

7. 33,090 DaveD [+9]

8. 27,930 roadrunner [+8]

9. 27,910 Darrin9999 [+7]

10. 27,490 M.A.M.E. Offender [+6]

11. 25,380 jblenkle [+5]

12. 25,320 DonPedro [+4]

13. 17,680 asponge [+3]



Points Leaderboard:


1. M.A.M.E. Offender [206]

2. kane [196]

3. GimmeClassics [188]

4. Fallout_002 [178]

5. Deteacher [171]

6. Cynicaster [165]

7. Darrin9999 [152]

8. DonPedro [143]

9. onmode-ky [141]

10. darthkur [137]

11. roadrunner [83]

12. asponge [71]

13. jblenkle [69]

14. S. BAZ [54]

15. bigbee99 [43]

16. andyy119 [33]

17. DaveD [32]

18. Classicgamer_27330 [29]

19. NE146 [14]

20. Wolfman24 [13]

21. kojr55 [13]

22. Mangia-Boy [11]

23. Mister VCS [9]

24. Vaughan [6]

25. LarcenTyler [2]

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Ok, everything has been tallied up and the points leaderboard is updated. As always, please doublecheck things to make sure I awarded the correct number of points. Looks like things got shaken up a bit. Hope you all enjoyed the mid-season finale. There will be another multi-week tournament to close out the season.


Game on!

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Great job as always. That last 2 week round was fun. I think you mean 1982 though, not 1992.


I made it a personal goal of mine about a year ago to get good at this game. It has potential and I always wondered where it went. I downloaded a strategy guide online and played for about a month. I got nowhere. It's a tough game. The long pauses in the action trick you into thinking you'll have plenty of time to react. Not so much. Good luck all!

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Squeezed in a few games last night and wasn’t able to get much more than low 20k’s. I’m not even going to bother posting a score until I have another crack at it.


Those old guys chasing you around seem so slow and stupid that you think the game should be easy, but man is that deceiving. Really, this game is typical Stern—tough as nails.


My first impression was that the game is too slow to be fun, but once I realized it’s more of a puzzle game than an action platformer, I started to “get it”. It’s no Donkey Kong, but it seems like a decent title so far.

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I imagine that after a few more years of being an elementary school teacher, Deteacher will be immune to even computer viruses. ;)


37,620 42,390. Weird game, not very "arcade" in feel, yet also not much of a "sit and think" experience, either.




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