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Vectrex 3D imager from Madtronix is available again


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My Madtronix imager is in shipping, on its way!

Now I can keep my boxed imager nice, and use it if this one fails.

He is honouring the original price until February, when it will go up to 99€ euro I read.


So we were lucky I guess. It is really a neat device, just playing 3D Lords of the robots on my Vectrex. ;-)

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Hi Roland! I just have to let you know I subscribed to your channel months ago. I love your shows! I bought the Playstation scph-1110 analog joystick based on your review!


Oh and tell Mrs Vectrex Roli she is great, me and my wife love seeing how she deal with your crazy antics.


Ah, so you are that one person that is watching my videos! ;-)

I put a lot of effort into video making and I have also a lot of fun with this.

It is great how my wife is supporting this all, even she is not interested in retro gaming at all, but from time to time she plays on the 3DS and light gun games.

I really like the SCPH-1110, it is not as impressive as the Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox, but at least you get more games supporting this thing.


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I wish I could send one to George Pelonis of Furyunlimited.

He was the only one to make homebrew 3D games, two 3D games, and I heard his broke and he won't be making any more!


Funny that you say that, it was also one of my first thoughts, that hopefully George will find out about this and do another 3D game for the Vectrex, but I don´t know if he really would do that as creating a 3D game is pretty had I guess.

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