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Which model to get?


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Never bothered with the PS3 very much before aside from a few gaming sessions with friends and family on

their machines. I'm looking to purchase a PS3 that is backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 and is soft-mod

friendly for backups, media player use and emus via USB HDD.


With that said what are my options and\or pros\cons to what is avalible? I might be willing to sacrifice backwards

compatibility depending on the other benefits of doing so but being able to be modified is a must as I've gotten way

too used to doing so with my other modern consoles. I've heard about having to have firmware rev whatever to

do so,ect,ect. with certain models but would like to hear from those on AA with personal experience rather

than going on what randoms on the net have to say.



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I had the original 20GB model, backward compatible and all. Used seldom, maybe once a week or less. Died recently w/o a reason. Did the hair drier hack, worked for a month or so, died again.

My brothers 80GB died too 2 years ago. Other will confirm, FAT PS3 are not very reliable.

So my opinion is: DO NOT GET THE FAT PS3s! They will die eventually . I know that no PS2 backwards compatibility sux, but what can you do? Get the SLIM (or Super SLIM) PS3 and FAT PS2 with network adapter.

I never tried hacking the PS3, but is it worth it? Games are cheap and if you want emulators, maybe try Wii (or PC).

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